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Everyone were looking at them anxiously.

Because no one knew when and how Li Moying would make a move!

However, Huang Yueli didn’t seem to be influenced by this tensed atmosphere and continued walking forward.

Her footsteps were as per normal, not too fast nor too slow, calmly and steadily walking towards Li Moying’s direction.

Li Moying’s sight followed her as she walked closer, focused on her delicate facial features.

One step, two steps, three steps.

The distance between the both of them was narrowing with each step.

The others’ hearts pounded with each step Hiang Yueli took, worried that Li Moying would strike at the next moment and Huang Yueli would perish in a pool of blood.

But this scenario did not happen.

Five hundred meters was not a huge distance so as she walked nearer and nearer, she finally reached Li Moying.

At this very moment, the distance between them was only a meter apart.

And Li Moying did not make a move.

Seeing that Huang Yueli successfully reached Li Moying, those spying finally heaved a sigh of relief and started discussing in an inaudible voice.

“Heavens, I was scared to death! I thought sister-in-law would be split into half but….. I never expected Senior Brother to retain some rationality. So he could recognise sister-in-law and didn’t make a move!” Luo Jiyun exclaimed with admiration.

“Isn’t it! It’s a miracle that Master didn’t make a move but what’s more impressive is Third Miss! How did she know Master will not make a move against her? She is really gutsy! If it were any other lady, she would have been frightened out of her wits. But she reacted as per normal!” Mo Yi exclaimed.

Only Murong Ni gave out a cold snort, “Aren’t you happy too soon? Perhaps Senior Brother didn’t make a move because he was lazy to move over. Now that the distance is so near, perhaps he might…”

“Shut your mouth!” Luo Jiyun glared and stopped her from continuing her words.

But her words had indeed raised concern among the rest.

Although what she said was horrible, but it did make some sense.

Would….. Li Moying eventually make a move?

By now, Huang Yueli had already stood in front of Li Moying. Their distance was not very far from each other and although they exchanged glances, they did not speak.

Actually she wasn’t as calm as what the others thought, especially after she had witnessed the cruel methods that Li Moying used to massacre those soldiers. It was simply not possible that she wasn’t a single bit intimidated or nervous.

In Huang Yueli’s heart, she felt that Li Moying would not point his sword or make a move at her.

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This was not just purely her intuition but there were some signs to prove her thinking was right.

Earlier when Li Moying was at the campsite murdering those soldiers, she had wanted to bring this man away. At that time when she had caught hold of his hand, they were practically leaning against each other.

If Li Moying had wanted to kill her, he only needed a flick of his fingertips to do that.

But before he acted out violently at the soldiers, not only did he not hurt her, he flung her out of that area!

Even though his movements were not gentle and almost caused her to have a sprain, he did not hurt her in the end. Although those soldiers were all killed, she was not harmed in any way at all!

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Chapter 454