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When no one was looking, Murong Ni secretly rolled her eyes.

If this vixen was looking for death, why should they stop her? If she had the ability to deliver the medication, then let her use her life to prove her sincerity towards Senior Brother! Otherwise, why bother to pretend, making everyone persuade her? How pretentious!

Murong Ni surmised Huang Yueli with her narrow heart.

The reason was simple, she often used the same technique to attract the attention of the Sect’s disciples. So naturally she thought Huang Yueli was the same as her.

Unfortunately, Huang Yueli never joked about such things.

She turned her head and raised a finger upright and brought it to her lips.

“Hush! Don’t make any sound!” she said in a hushed tone.

Everyone looked towards the direction that she was looking at and realised that Li Moying was just around 500 meters away from where they were.

The neighbouring magical beasts were all killed by him and the bits and pieces of corpses fell everywhere. Li Moying, still holding to his Amethyst Light Sword with the blood still dripping, stood alone in the empty field in the forest.

His gaze congealed darkness as he looked into the distance further into the forest.

The deeper end of the forest was all dark, impossible to see where it end nor what was in it.

Sensing Li Moying’s line of vision, everyone started to get nervous.

Because the direction he was looking at is the restricted zone of the Dark Moon Forest!

There could be plentiful groups of powerful magical beasts inside. There were few who could enter the restricted zone so no one knew how the distribution of the magical beasts were.

Upon entering the area, it would depend on luck!

Could it be that Li Moying was so riled up that he was prepared to storm into the restricted zone by himself to continue his killing spree?

If he was really at the peak of the ninth degree realm, that would be passable. But the problem now was he was heavily injured and with his symptoms acting up, it was an extremely unstable and abnormal condition and he could just fall dead anywhere, anytime….

What if he killed halfway and suddenly used up all his energy? Won’t that be equivalent to feeding himself to the high level magical beasts, with no chance of survival?

Mo Yi’s brows creased tighter and planned to risk his life to stop him. Luo Jiyun was also in a state of anxiety that he almost wanted to jump out.

However, Huang Yueli was faster than them.

When no one had noticed, she already started to make a move towards Li Moying.


Luo Jiyun stretched out his hand to hold on to her but he was still one step too late.

Huang Yueli’s figure appeared in the empty space of the forest. Her speed was not considered fast but her steps were stable, elegant and graceful. It was as if she was a daughter of a wealthy family preparing to attend a banquet at the palace.

Looking at her, no one could even imagine what kind of danger she was in, to be so near such a terrifying man.

But Li Moying had long sensed her presence the minute she appeared.

He slowly turned and his cold gloomy gaze fell onto Huang Yueli.

Mo Yi and the rest hid behind a big tree and held their breaths. No one dared to breathe loudly or blink.

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Everyone’s heart were in their mouths.

Huang Yueli actually….dared….dared to show her presence!

There was nothing they could do, since she had already been discovered by Li Moying!

Li Moying only need a couple of seconds to kill her with one strike, and she wouldn’t have any way to deflect the attack!

No, he didn’t even need to use his sword. Just a flash of thought and the sword’s aura was enough to kill without physically moving!

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Chapter 453