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If it was another scenario, Huang Yueli definitely would turn up her nose at such a saying.

Even she had not heard of such a rare illness, could it be something that Mo Yi and the rest made up?

But today, she had witnessed Li Moying’s symptoms acting up with her own eyes, the increase in his power, the change in his temperament and how he killed a person without batting a single eyelid.

Since she witnessed it with her own eyes, it was impossible for it to be fake!

Huang Yueli frowned and thought for a while, “This illness….. Has no one attend to it before? Li Moying is from a large Sect, isn’t there any way to cure it?”

“How is it possible to not have any treatment?” Luo Jiyun continued, “A few years ago, Master tried all sorts of ways to invite the number one Divine Doctor Liu Buyan to diagnose Senior Brother, but…..”

Huang Yueli was stunned, “You even managed to invite Liu Buyan?”

Liu Buyan was Soaring Heavens Continent’s number one Divine Doctor, and the only Ninth Level Pill Master. Back then, he was Mu Chengying’s best friend so Huang Yueli had some connections with him.

Liu Buyan was an eccentric man and especially difficult to get along with. Most people could only wish but never be able to get him to do a home visit. It didn’t matter if you were a ninth degree realm expert or a tycoon, he would not even bother to cast a glance.

Unless he was indebted to that person or that person was something he considered as a friend, only then would he be willing to diagnose.

Given Li Moying’s age and his status was only at sixth degree realm, he shouldn’t have anything to do with Liu Buyan right?

So his willingness to help diagnose should be because of Li Moying’s relation with the Sect? She wondered which large Sect did he belong to?

“Sigh, to be able to invite Divine Doctor Liu was predestined, so Senior Brother’s luck was pretty good…” Luo Jiyun sighed again, but didn’t offer any detailed explanation.

Huang Yueli didn’t harp on this topic. She was more concerned about another question, “Then…. Did Divine Doctor Liu have any way to treat him?”

Mo Yi shook his head answering, “Divine Doctor Liu spent many months, vowing to find the cause of the illness but….. in the end there was no way to treat him. He only left a prescription saying this could temporarily control the symptoms.”

“What prescription is that?” Huang Yueli’s eyes shone. “Since there’s medication, why didn’t you bring it out earlier! Quickly, let your Master take it now! Stop wasting anymore time!”

Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun exchanged glances and both of them felt helpless.

“Sister-in-law, the matter is like this. There are seven pills in total and the main thing is taking pills alone is not enough. Divine Doctor Liu mentioned that these seven pills needs to be taken two hours before his symptoms flare up, and subsequently one pill every hour. Not only that, there must be at least four different attributed fifth degree practitioners to help him to link his meridians to increase the medicinal effect.”

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“There must be no interruption within this period and every pill must be fed to him on time.”

Mo Yi added, “Precisely because of this, Master wanted to find us so urgently. Because without the few of us, the pills would be useless without us!”

Huang Yueli hadn’t expect such an issue to occur and her brows knitted tighter.

From their conversation, she understood that the pills Liu Buyan prescribed should still be effective.

But the first pill should have been fed to Li Moying before his symptoms flared up. Now that they’ve missed the timing, even if they fed him now, it might not be effective anymore.

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Chapter 448