Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 444

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Huang Yueli hid behind a large rock and didn’t dare to move nor make any sound.

In actual fact, she couldn’t be sure that Li Moying would not kill her if he found out about her existence!

Huang Yueli felt that the possibility of her being killed….. Was still pretty high.

She deduced that Li Moying was still in a state of confusion and his blood red eyes were very obvious. Anyone or any magical beasts which stood in front of him was considered as an obstacle, so he would directly dispose of it!

The possibility of him recognising her was way too low.

Huang Yueli didn’t want to take this risk as she had the opportunity to be reborn. She wanted to live a few more years!

If she was really killed by Li Moying, won’t she be making a huge loss!

But even though she was hiding behind the large rock, she still felt extremely insecure!

Based on Li Moying’s current power, he just needed to use his soul trace to investigate the surroundings and nothing would escape his eyes. No matter how well she hid, her whereabouts would still be discovered!

And no matter what method she used, there was no way to escape from the Li Moying, since his power was now near the peak of the ninth degree realm!

Huang Yueli curled up her body and felt the feeling of the chilling night wind of the forest caressing her clothes.

The sweat that had soaked through her clothes was giving out cooling waves.

She sensed that Li Moying’s powerful soul trace had covered the entire region, including where she was hiding and it was obvious that he had already detected her presence…..

Huang Yueli held her breath as she waited for him to strike…..

However, after a while, that suffocating feeling disappeared. The campsite echoed faint footsteps, walking further and further.

Huang Yueli subconsciously knew she was now safe and heaved a long sigh of relief before wiping off the sweat on her forehead.

The pressurizing presence that Li Moying emitted….. was too powerful!

Ever since her rebirth, this was the first time she had a close brush with death.

For that one moment, she really thought that she would be dead….. and she died at the hands of the man who had risked his life to protect her earlier in the day!

Huang Yueli sat up on her knees and stuck out her head to see what was the situation.

After Li Moying killed all the people, he didn’t stop but continued to walk towards the other side of the forest. His figure almost vanished in the forest.

Huang Yueli’s heart thumped and she started to get nervous all over again.

What was Li Moying trying to do? Had he been possessed? Why must he keeping on killing…. Killing until there is nothing more to kill?

First it was the Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos, then the campsite.

Now that he had killed everyone here, was he going to continue to kill the Magical Beasts?

But the direction he was heading towards was where the sixth tier Magical Beasts prowled!

There were different sorts of magical beasts, all of it have immense power and the distribution was rather concentrated. Some magical beasts even came together as a group!

Even though his power was very strong, was it enough to kill so many sixth tier magical beasts?

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Even if he could…. But if he continued to head forward, it would be entering the restricted zone…..

Nobody knew how strong the magical beasts in there were! Surely there were some which were able to stop him!

Wasn’t he just looking for death!

Huang Yueli broke out into sweat just from anxiety.

She knew she must stop Li Moying and she must think of a way to make him return to his normal self.

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Chapter 444