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Just as bearded captain finished his words, he shut his eyes, drew out his broadsword and with a shout, he charged forward!

He had the right mindset. Rather than standing rooted and waiting for death to come knocking on their doors, they might as well charge together. Perhaps in the state of chaos, they might be able to inflict some injuries on Li Moying.

Upon hearing those words, everyone seemed to have woken up from their dreams and started to raise their weapons in an attempt to revolt.

However just before they had started to move.

Another blood-curdling screech was heard and like a secret weapon, bearded captain’s corpse was thrown towards them.

Just in an instance, the most powerful Captain had became a dead man!

The stench of blood kept lingering around.

Li Moying stood silently in the middle of the campsite. It was this grave and stern silence that made everyone terrified.

The soldiers were scared stiff and did not dare to resist any further. Looking at another another, they turned and started to run!

They had experienced enough battles to know that the critical point of retreating was to run in different directions. In this way, no matter how fast the pursuer was, it would be difficult to chase up to everyone.

Except for the unlucky one, the rest had a large possibility to escape.

But what they had not anticipated was Li Moying’s speed was faster than they could imagine!

He chased up to one in one big stride and settled him within a breath’s time. After that, he immediately chased up to the second victim!

Never ending blood-curdling screeches was heard at the campsite. One by one, the corpses lined the ground, drenched in blood.

Huang Yueli was flung to the side when Li Moying first struck.

And the strength he used when flinging her was not gentle at all! It was as if he was throwing out garbage; he threw her to a corner causing her to fall flat on her butt!

Initially she was silent cursing but when she say the horrible scene at the campsite, all that were left was gratitude!

Grateful that not only did Li Moying not kill her, he even flung her aside. It was a narrow escape!

The current scene at the campsite was so horrendous that even she felt the chills.

This was a massacre… no, that’s not right, it should be torturous killing!

Li Moying had totally lost his senses and and in his eyes, these people were worse than beasts, so he disposed of them in his own way!

Huang Yueli felt she was worried for nothing. Those people were simply no match for him. He was way too strong!

This was the real power of cultivators at the ninth stage!

Or perhaps she should put it in this way, even in her previous life, she had only seen Mu Chengying display this level of power!

But….. How did he do it? Wasn’t he only at the sixth stage?

What had happened?

What exactly happened within the one hour when she had left the tent?

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Huang Yueli started to think until she had a splitting headache but she was not able to find any leads.

Very soon, everyone in the Werewolf Mercenaries were dead. None of them had managed to escape.

A full moon shone brightly in the middle of the sky. The bleak rays shone on the blood that were spilled on the campsite, giving off an exceptionally sinister feel to the forest.

And in the middle of the blood pool in the campsite stood a lonely Li Moying, still holding on to his Amethyst Light Sword, both hands covered with blood.

The surroundings… was dead quiet.

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Chapter 443