Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 441

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“That’s right, Fatty makes sense! This lass looks delicate and fresh. If she is eaten up by Magical Beasts before anything happens, it would be a shame!”

“Now that she has ran back, does it mean she is willing to warm up everyone’s bed?”

“That must be it! Unless….. She doesn’t want both their lives anymore?”

The more they said, the more disgusting the conversation became. Their laughters wavered incomparably, the wretched glances fell onto Huang Yueli, as if their eyes were taking off her clothes.

Huang Yueli subconsciously tightened her grip and tugged harder at Li Moying’s hand.

Even though the usually big, warm hands had turned into an ice block, but she felt that as long as she was holding on to this man’s hands, she felt a strong sense of security.

“Come on, stop hesitating, let’s go now! Let’s hide in the forest and discuss our next course of action tomorrow!”

Not only did Li Moying not budge, he had looked away from Huang Yueli and placed his eyesight on the mercenaries.

Looking at their hands tightly held together, Fatty suddenly laughed slyly.

“Look at how close they are, could they be a couple? They still dare to claim that they’re senior and junior disciples , in actual fact….. Hehehe…..”

The others started to parrot what fatty said, “Really…. They can’t even bear to part their hands, they must be a couple!”

“That’s even better! Let’s have some fun with his little lover in front of him! We must let him learn that a man cannot be judged just based on his looks. Without actual power, even his woman will be done by others and all he can do is to watch helplessly, ha…. ha…. AH~~~~~!!!”

A tall and lean soldier was speaking enthusiastically with his face full of ****, while salivating at Huang Yueli when he suddenly gave out a blood curdling shrek!

Everyone turned their heads at the same time and as they did, their expressions showed inconsolable fright!

No one knew when did Li Moying appear beside the tall and lean soldier.

His left hand, which he wasn’t holding the sword, had etched into the chest of the tall and lean soldier. Blood…. kept spilling out of the wound, like a water fountain.

Everyone were stunned by this and momentarily no one could react to this!

How could this be? It should be an illusion right?

The pretty boy was just standing there, looking half-dead with a numb expression, as if he had given up on his pride. How could he suddenly….. strike?

How could he be so fast? There were no warning signs at all before he struck!

And the weirdest thing was although the tall, lean soldier loved treating women like trash, he… his power was real. He was a sixth ranked cultivator, his strength in the Werewolf Mercenaries was second to Bearded Captain!

How could he be seriously injured by a boy who was a mere second rank cultivator?

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So, it was an illusion?

As everyone were still wavering, the tall, lean soldier gave out another shrek!


This shrek was much more chilling and terrifying than the previous!

Everyone’s sight consolidated towards the tall, lean soldier’s chest. All they saw was that lean muscular, porcelain hand was filled with blood and slowly retracting from the soldier’s chest.

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Chapter 441