Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 440

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The array was released from inside.

Li Moying’s movement was still slow-moving, but he didn’t hesitate to walk towards the direction of the campsite.

“Heh, he actually dared to come in! Seems like he’s courting death!”

“Look at the horrible expression he has on his face. He must have been horrified in the forest! With this little guts, he still dares to mess around in the Dark Moon Forest?”

“Ha ha, this pretty boy is stupefied. I guess he will do whatever we ask him to do later on!”

Amidst the laughter of the mercenaries, Li Moying had already stepped into the campsite.

His incomparable handsome face was expressionless, the look in his eyes was sullen and it was impossible to figure out his emotions. His silky hair was in a mess and as the cold breeze blew past, it covered half of his face.

“He’s here, the fellow is here!”

“Quick, let’s have some fun tonight!”

Everyone excitedly crowded around him and the bearded captain gave a loud cough, “Hey, brat! You actually dared to return…..”

He had yet to complete his sentence when a flustered voice from afar was heard.

“Li Moying! Are you mad! Why did you return to the campsite?! Did you think that you’re able to defeat everyone here? Leave with me quickly!”

Huang Yueli had painstakingly followed him for the entire journey, and finally she managed to chase up to Li Moying.

Initially, she didn’t dare to come close to him because of the cold behaviour that he had shown in the forest. But she didn’t know if he was stupid or crazy, he actually walked right back into the campsite, and this made her anxious.

If Li Moying were to fall into the spell formation of the Werewolf Mercenaries, it would not be easy to escape unscathed!

She could not allow him to fall into the hands of these villains, and allow them to bully him!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli could not care less and immediately rushed out to stop him.

Based on the swift actions that he had shown when he killed the Great Spiritual Horn Rhino, he should have recovered quite an amount of power. Although she had no idea how he managed to do that but it would be better to bring him away before he start to fight with those mercenaries.

Unfortunately it was a waste of effort on her end. Li Moying didn’t even bother to cast her a glance.

Huang Yueli grew even more anxious and using her fastest speed, she shot beside him and pulled him back.

“Please use your brain, now is not the time to act cool! The injuries you incurred have not recovered fully, why choose to act now? If you want revenge, we can always do it next time. It’s never too late to exact revenge! Let’s just leave this place now!”

She used all her strength to tug at Li Moying’s hand but no matter how hard she tried, Li Moying would not budge.

Huang Yueli frowned and lifted her head to look at him, but what she saw was a pair of extremely cold pupils.

That pair of eyes, was serene and melancholy, and vaguely showed a hint of blood red. Just one glance and it made her have a splitting headache!

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This… this blood-thirsty glance…. It’s not something that any living being should have…..

Heavens, what had happened to him? Why did he use this expression… to look at her?

Huang Yueli was shocked beyond words, and the movements on her hands stopped momentarily.

Just at this moment, the Werewolf Mercenaries’ soldiers had recovered from their shock and started to laugh.

“Ai yo, I was thinking who was that. It’s the little lass who had also came back! That’s great! I thought she had died in the forest! What a waste it would be! I have yet to touch her, if she just died, wouldn’t it be a huge loss?”

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Chapter 440