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Huang Yueli kept hiding while she tried to keep up and finally managed to chase up to Li Moying.

But very soon, she noticed something was wrong – Li Moying was advancing towards the direction of the Werewolf Mercenaries’ campsite!

Judging by Li Moying’s outlook, he had probably lost his rationality.

Since the killer demon was so nimble, then killing….. naturally will not be a problem.

Huang Yueli obviously was not worried about the lives of those scums but they were still experts at the sixth stage, and there were so many of them.

Not to mention, humans and demons were different. They knew how to coordinate and use various Profound Armaments and Profound Skills.

Whereas Li Moying state was unclear. If they were to really battle, won’t Li Moying be on the losing end?

Thinking of this Huang Yueli started to become anxious and couldn’t care less about being exposed. Using her fastest speed, she tried to chase up to Li Moying.

At this moment, in the campsite.

The Werewolf Mercenaries were just recovering from a state of confusion. Bearded Captain and Fatty were beaten up, their faces bruised from the punches but at least the explanation was out.

After both of them vowed that they were not gays, the other soldiers reluctantly held their punches back.

At this point of time in the extremely dangerous Dark Moon Forest, Bearded Captain and Fatty’s strength were for real, and since they worked as a team, it wasn’t rational at all to turn tables now.

But many of them were secretly vowed to themselves that they would never group up with these two people. Just thinking that they were beside them and had exceptional interests in men was enough to send the chills down their spines…..

Peace had been restored in the campsite and very soon, the mercenaries found that something was wrong.

The two fat lambs that they had painstakingly lured into the group….. were missing!

“That’s weird, their tent is still here! Where did they disappear to? Where did they go?”

“That’s right! Captain and I wanted to find that lass to have a chat, but how… did they disappear?” Fatty was especially surprised.

Everyone used the same peculiar glance and looked at him, thinking to themselves that he was not going to look for the lass ‘to chat’ but was thinking about her senior instead.

Although they only had a glance, that man’s demeanour was graceful and elegant. His looks would definitely enchant any female, and especially attractive towards other men…..

Even so, it was strange that the campsite was missing the two of them.

The worst thing was, none of them had managed to gain anything out of it yet!

Initially their plan was to play around with the little lass, and it failed. They were not able to obtain the man’s realm ring, only getting the lass’s realm ring. There was basically nothing inside, simply put, there were as poor as a church mouse…..

When he thought of this, bearded captain touched his finger and had a shock of his life!

“Eh? What’s weird, where is my interspatial ring? Why is it suddenly missing? Have anyone of you seen my interspatial ring?”

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“What kind of joke is that? Haven’t you always worn that on your finger?”

“Yes, that’s right! I remember that I always had it on me, but…. It’s really missing now!”

Bearded captain was running round in circles and the other mercenaries also became flustered. They kept bombarding him with questions to help him remember where he had kept his interspatial ring.

After all, the commission and other rewards for this assignment had yet to be distributed. Normally after the assignment had ended, the rewards would be given out according to how much effort each member had put in.

Now…. it was all kept with the Captain!

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Chapter 437