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Huang Yueli frowned and even her heart felt extremely complicated!

What type of terrible change had occurred in the dense forest? Even the formidable Great Spiritual Horn Rhino was threatened to this state…. Then if…. Li Moying was truly in this forest…..

She could not bear to imagine what kind of danger would Li Moying be in!

Currently he was not a peak performance expert who don’t put anything into his sight… he was seriously injured and unconscious!

What actually happened?

The more she thought, the more anxious she got. But she knew she could not afford to be rash and show herself. Such a huge crash of Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos and they were not able to fight against that thing, with her power, she ought to be even more careful.

Perhaps even before she had yet to save Li Moying, she herself would have gotten herself into serious trouble.

Just as she was still deep in her thoughts, within a short span of time, the Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos had disorderly ran past where she was hiding.

The last few were either those which had fallen or physically weaker than the rest, and they ended up at the tail of the entire crash.

Suddenly a Great Spiritual Horn Rhino which had dropped out of the crash gave out an earth-shaking cry, mournful whining echoed throughout the entire forest.

Huang Yueli shockingly hid behind a tree and secretly looked out.

At one glance, she was frozen.

This Great Spiritual Horn Rhino was cut along the direction of its spine and had split into two equal halves! All the intestines splattered on the ground and blood splashed everywhere.

No matter how experienced Huang Yueli was, upon seeing such savage scene, she still felt disgusted and at the same time, the worries in her mind multiplied.

What on earth…..happened in the forest? Li Moying… how was he now?

Immediately following that was another blood-curdling cry… Another Great Spiritual Horn Rhino was dissected.

And this round, Huang Yueli had the opportunity to capture the vicious scene.

A cold amethyst light silently slid though. Gloomy, undemonstrative, as if it was a amethyst light from hell, in an instance, it took away the life of another Great Spiritual Horn Rhino.

Huang Yueli’s heartbeat hastened as tension crept in.

T…Terrifying! What was that?

The defensive power of the Great Spiritual Horn Rhino was something that many seventh tier Magical Beasts desired. What kind of power was it that could reduce them to two segments of dead bodies?


At this moment, a rumbling sound was heard in the forest.

This sound was very faint, so if one did not hear properly, they might think it was the rustling of leaves in the night breeze.

But, Huang Yueli instinctively felt something was not right. She opened her eyes wide and looked towards the deeper part of the dense forest.

In the dark appeared a tall silhouette of a person standing upright in the middle of the forest, slowly walking towards the outside.

His strides were not big and movements was slow and steady but his speed was exceptionally fast. Great Spiritual Horn Rhino ran wildly but he caught up easily in two to three strides.

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The dark figure held a long sword and as he swiped his sword forward, an amethyst light flashed past and another Great Spiritual Horn Rhino was killed.

The dark figure had already walked to the empty field next to the big tree where Huang Yueli was hiding. That area was spacious and as the moonlight shone, it reflected entirely on the dark figure.

Huang Yueli instinctively used her hand to cover her mouth, eyes staring towards the front, face filled with disbelief!

Because the handsome face that was lit up by the moonlight, belonged to Li Moying!

That seductive plum eyes, the straight nose bridge, inclining eyebrows and cool, mean lips – she would never recognise the wrong person!

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Chapter 435