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Huang Yueli could understand all of this but this stinky kid did not understand yet he pretended to. So when he said out all these words, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Why was it called “biting your mouth”?

When they were kissing, this stinky little kid actually stole glances at them, so he misunderstood that this was the case…..

Huang Yueli coughed, “Don’t talk rubbish. Li Moying has really disappeared and you know that he is injured, it’s too dangerous! Quickly, sense for me and tell me which direction did he went?”

Little Phoenix’s senses were naturally stronger than humans.

What’s more, the unique oppression effect that Li Moying had on it could allow the Little Phoenix to sense him from afar.

With a bitter face, Little Phoenix was unwilling but since his female master insisted, he could only do as he was told.

He shut his eyes, his plump face tightened and tried his best to concentrate and sense.

Suddenly he opened his big, round eyes, it was filled with astonishment!

“This… how could it be…..”

“What? How is Li Moying? Tell me quickly!”, Huang Yueli rushed over and threw out questions continuously.

Little Phoenix blinked and answered uncertainly, “I…..I could sense a very strong energy around….. this location!”

His little plump hand pointed East.

“The energy that I felt… was similar to Li Moying’s…..”

“Really?” Huang Yueli’s eyes twinkled, “You’re the best. After we leave the Dark Moon Forest, this sister will add more food to your meal! Hurry, let’s go find him now!”

She turned and broke into a run but Little Phoenix held out his hand and pulled hard on the helm of her skirt, stopping her from leaving.

“Wait, Female Devil, don’t go!”

Huang Yueli anxiously replied, “What’s the matter? We can talk later. Li Moying might be in danger anytime, I don’t have any time to waste!”

“But… But…..”

Little Phoenix was even more anxious but due to his small build, he could not stop Huang Yueli at all.

Huang Yueli’s heart was burning wildly like a furnace and didn’t pay attention to his words. She staggered and left him, ran towards the direction of the East.

The far East was a serene and dense forest.

That area was way out of the safety zone, where a fifth tier Magical Beast – Great Spiritual Horn Rhino dwelled.

The Great Spiritual Horn Rhino’s defence was well-known, the huge spirit horn on top of its head was extremely sharp. One headbutt and it could easily knock dead a fifth tier practitioner; a very dangerous Magical Beast with exceptional attack power.

Although strong, the nature of this Magical Beast was docile. If it was not provoked, it would not actively attack humans.

Huang Yueli carefully entered the dense forest, thinking of ways to avoid the Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos while searching for Li Moying.

Just at this moment, the dense forest reverberated chaotic and disordered footsteps, the rumbling noise went louder and louder, accompanied by severe trembling of the ground going towards her direction.

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Huang Yueli knew something was amiss, quickly got out of the way and hid behind a big tree.

What she saw was a huge group of Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos racing past her, there were at least one hundred and more!

She had never seen so many Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos appear at the same time!

And these Great Rhinos footsteps were flustered and disorderly, as if they were terrified and were running forward with all their lives. Some smaller Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos slipped and fell on their way and couldn’t get up and yet none of the adult Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos stopped to save them.

This scenario seems like something horrifying was behind seeking to kill them all!

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Chapter 434