Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 432

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“Still trying to deny! So it turns out that you had designs on my a** for a long time! To think that I have been following you around for such a long time! I’ve known you for such a long time but I didn’t know your true nature! You’re too much!”

“What are you talking about? How dare you dare to hit me, the Captain! Are you planning to revolt??”

Bearded captain covered his eye, shouting back unbelievably.

“The person I’m beating is you, you pervert! I’ll stake everything against you!!”

The delicate looking soldier refused to listen to his explanation and struck out another punch.

This punch happened to land exactly on the nose bridge of the bearded captain, causing his nose to become crooked and blood started to flow out of his nose.

On the other side, Fatty’s tent was a mess as well.

“You….. Don’t….don’t come any nearer, I’m warning you!”

He had undressed fully, shaking his hips and protruding tummy, a “seductive” smile appeared on his face.

“Don’t hide, Brother Hu….. Brother Hu, don’t you think I look pretty?”

“Pretty your head! Stupid pervert!”

“Brother Hu, don’t be like this… allow me to service you. You’ll definitely find that I’m better than women…..”

Fatty dashed over and used his obese body to press down on Brother Hu.

“Urgh~~~!”, Brother Hu couldn’t tolerate any further and shouted out.

The huge commotion attracted the attention of the other soldiers and one by one, everyone crept up. In an instance, the entire campsite became a terrible mess.

A sly smile appeared on Huang Yueli’s face and gave a snort of disgust.

Serve you right for making designs on this grand aunt! This was just a small punishment and warning. Next time…. She’d let them become eunuchs!

She was feeling very good since her plan had succeeded flawlessly. She hummed a tune to herself as she slowly walked back to her own tent.

Upon drawing the hanging screen, she felt something was amiss, hurriedly rushed in and pull away the blanket on the ground.

~~~There was no one!

Huang Yueli’s heart thumped as a drop of sweat dripped from her forehead.

No one, there was no one at all! How could this be?

Li Moying was just lying there earlier, why was he not here now?

He had suffered a serious injury and had remained unconscious all the while. It was impossible that he moved by himself.

While dealing with bearded captain and fatty, Huang Yueli was careful to place the array boundary in such a way that she avoided the area where Li Moying laid!

She recalled clearly that he was still laying in the same position when she secretly following the two scums out of the tent.

Her journey only lasted for a quarter of an hour and Li Moying had disappeared?

Could it be that someone took him away?

Huang Yueli wiped the sweat away from her forehead and forced herself to calm down, figuring out all possibilities that could have happened.

Now that they were within the array that the Werewolf Mercenaries’ array master had set up, one could only leave and not enter. So the only people who were inside were the mercenaries, Li Moying and herself.

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And all the mercenaries soldiers were all at the campsite having a dogfight, so it couldn’t be any of them who had brought Li Moying away.

As such, the biggest possibility is….. Li Moying awoke and left this place?

“Impossible, that’s impossible!”

Huang Yueli shook her head hard, rejecting this possibility.

The reason was simple. Li Moying’s internal injury was extremely serious and due to the fact that he had taken the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion pills, his body was in a state of exhaustion.

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Chapter 432