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“We were here to look for a girl to accompany us…..”

“Err, that’s right. Here to look for someone to accompany…. because we haven’t had a girl in our group for a very long time… Miss Yue, you know right… we men have that sort of desire….”

“Yes…we specially brought along the bewitching smoke and was prepared to ‘do that thing’ after she had passed out, hei hei…”

“This lass is full of life, many of the guys in our group are interested in her, but since it was our turn to do the night duty, the early bird catches the worm, so we were really lucky…”

Because of the Piercing Sky Eye technique, both of them described their plan in detail without any misgivings.

Huang Yueli was already raging with anger earlier and had yet vented it out. So when she heard this vulgar description, she was immediately fired up further.

However the expression she had was filled with smiles, continuing, “Ha ha, you remembered wrongly. The reason for you to enter this tent was not to find the girl to accompany you!”

“Ah? Really?”

“Did we remember wrongly?”

Both of them were filled with bewilderment and momentarily they could not recall what was their purpose of this late night visit.

Huang Yueli lowered her voice and enchantingly said, “That’s right. You’re not here to look for any female companion but here to look for other men. Haven’t you always liked other men?”

Both of them stared at her in a daze, unable to react.

Huang Yueli activated her Profound Energy and coldly glanced at them.

Under the influence of her technique, both men’s thoughts had already plastered into a mess.

“That’s right. What girl? The one I wanted to look for is the thin guy who shares the same tent as me.”

“Right, what’s good about women? Men are much better and more energetic…hehe…..”

Huang Yueli nodded, “Since that’s the case, shouldn’t you rush over to their tent now? Don’t waste anymore time, a night is worth thousands of gold!”

“Right, we shouldn’t waste anymore time, the weather is turning cold!”

“Let’s go now!”

The duo animatedly rushed out.

Giving a faint smirk, Hiang Yueli pulled open the hanging screen and secretly followed behind with the intention to watch an exciting show.

However her cultivation level was still pretty low, very different from the bearded captain and fatty, hence her Piercing Sky Eye technique could not last much longer. But it was enough to last till they snuck into other person’s tent, removed all their clothings and did something ‘dirty’.

As for if there were able to ‘do the deed’, it would depend on their speed.

After a quarter of an hour is up, they would regain their consciousness and would neither remember what they had done during the entire duration nor recall the hints she gave.

As for those mercenaries who were harassed by the duo, they would definitely not believe that they were being controlled.

By then, things would definitely turn into a state of confusion and the scenario would be very thrilling!

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Huang Yueli had barely hidden herself behind a large rock when the nearby tent echoed a blood-curdling screech.

“ARGH~~~! Captain, wh… What are you doing? YOU’RE ACTUALLY A PERVERT!”

Bearded captain held his pants and covered his upper body, his puzzled face looked like he had been beaten up as he was chased out of the tent.

“Aiyo, Aiyo! Why did you hit me? What just happened? Why am I here?”

A delicate looking soldier, with a sombre expression mixed with grief and indignation, started to rain blows on the captain. It hit the captain’s right eye and almost immediately, his eye socket surfaced a black ring, looking especially comical.

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Chapter 431