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Even if their screams had resonated to the skies, with the array that Huang Yueli had set up in the tent, none of the sounds were transmitted out!

Bearded captain was slightly more gutsy. He took out the dagger he had around his waist and attempted to chop the female ghosts up!

Unfortunately, these ghost were illusions which could not die. Every single time he managed to dispel the ghost with a single stab, the ghost would auto generate itself and became even fiercer and more terrifying than before.

Huang Yueli sat by the corner and enjoyed her Abstinence pill while watching their performance.

The duo were struggling and screaming. Even though they felt that they had already ran far away, in actual fact they were simply frolicking around a small area near the entrance of the tent.

As their screaming was way too wretched, Huang Yueli cut a piece of cloth from her dress, rolled them into small balls and stuffed it into Li Moying’s ears to prevent him from being disturbed.

Soon after, both of them collapsed from exhaustion.

Huang Yueli stood up and once again used her Piercing Sky Eye technique on them.

This round, the shock they received was much more intense and since this was the second time she used the Piercing Sky Eye technique to affect their conscious, the suggestion made to them was even stronger than before.

“How is it? Have you considered carefully? Will you compensate senior and me fully?”

By now these two scum balls were scared stiff so they did not dare to defy Huang Yueli’s order.

“Of course, of course! Miss Yue, we will give all out fortunes to you. We do not dare to hide anything from you. Please let us go!”

“Yes Miss Yue, all these are you for… for you!”

While they were speaking, they quickly removed their interspatial rings and threw it in front of Huang Yueli.

She didn’t stretch out her hands to received it, but claims, “What else? Just a spoilt interspatial ring? Give all that you have to me, no hiding of any sorts!”

Both of them searched everywhere and removed all the Profound Weapons, Profound Artifacts, Medicinal Pills, spare silvers, everything they had on them. Finally, they even wanted to take off all their clothing and offer it to Huang Yueli to settle their debts.

Huang Yueli saw what they were doing and urgently told them, “That’s enough!”

Their figures were horrible as a pig and yet they still dared to strip! Simply trying to pollute her eyes!

Bearded captain and Fatty immediately stop and awaited for her instructions while trembling with fear.

Huang Yueli used two fingers to pick up bearded captain’s interspatial ring. Upon looking inside, she let out a satisfied expression.

“Oh? I didn’t expect, the Werewolf Mercenaries to be pretty rich. There’re plenty of good things inside!”

There were few thousands of high quality spirit stones, and a few uncommon fourth tier medicinal pills and plenty of materials and spare Profound Armaments. Adding up the total, it was enough to buy the entire South Yue Kingdom!

Next up was fatty’s interspatial ring and kept all the items for “compensation” into the interspatial ring.

Her vision fell once again on the duo.

Seeing their half naked bodies shivering with cold, the tips of her lips curled into a cold laugh.

This little fortune was only enough to compensate the incident of attempting to rob Li Moying and her interspatial rings!

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As for the other matter, which was attempting to enter her tent with the intention to rape her…. She had yet to mete out the punishment for that!

Her lips curled and as she spoke, her voice seemingly having some tones of demagogy.

“What were your intentions, coming to the tent so late at night?”


Looking at the deep expression in her eyes, both of their consciousness were lost in a daze once again.

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Chapter 430