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All the sixteen female ghosts were floating towards them at the same time, forming a circle and surrounded them. Each had on a sinister look. Their bloody hands stretched towards the duo, attempting to grab them!

This time, fat soldier was scared beyond recognition, his two feet trembled with fear as he started screaming.

“Ghost! Captain, there are really ghosts!”

Bearded captain was unable to sustain his usual composure as his face had turned purple with horror.

They ran amok within the tent amidst their flustering when a cold female voice rang from behind.

“As expected, you are gutless villains!”


“Who’s that?”

Both of them consciously turned their heads together but all they saw was a pair of menacing pupils staring at them in the darkness, as though the strong force would suck their souls away.

Just one glance was enough to cause them a splitting headache. Their minds went blank and their consciousness also began to become fuzzy.

When the bearded captain and fat soldier started to have the lifeless look in their eyes, Huang Yueli silently walked out from a corner.

Her arms were crossed and using a cold glance, she stared at these two scums.

After the earlier episode, their hair were dishevelled and expressions extremely terrified. They were covered in mud entirely, their appearance were dirty and discomposed.

Huang Yueli crooned coldly and spat out two words, “Kneel down!”

“Plop”, two powerful fifth degree realm mercenaries went down on their knees without any hesitation and started to outdo each other at kowtowing.

“Miss Yue, I must have been blind to have offended you. Please be magnanimous and let us off!”

“Yes, Miss Yue, please spare our lives!”

The brute force that they used to kowtow was very vigorous, as the banging made thumping sounds. Two huge bumps formed on their foreheads within a short period of kowtowing.

A mocking expression flashed across Huang Yueli’s eyes.

She had predicted that these two scums would definitely drop by when night fell so she specially made some arrangements.

She had set up an Illusion Array within the tent. Once she activated the array, anyone who entered the array’s boundaries would see the terrifying illusion.

It was an illusion when the duo saw the female ghosts upon entering the tent. But as Huang Yueli’s Illusion Array was very realistic and they bore a guilty conscious, they entered into a temporary state of confusion.

Besides that, Huang Yueli also took the opportunity to utilise her Piercing Sky Eye technique, controlled their state of mind and subdued them easily.

By right, based on her current level of cultivation and soul trace, she would not be able to control these fifth degree realm practitioners, as they ranked much higher than her several folds. That explained why she went on a roundabout way to pre-set the illusion array, so as to intimidate them into a state of confusion and disorientation before using her Piercing Sky Eye technique and took control at one go!

Amidst these actions, she also made use of the moonlight effect.

Moonlight was very useful in adding special effects, especially that tonight was a full-moon night with the moon being particularly clear. What exceptional good luck it was.

That was why her plan was executed so successfully.

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Huang Yueli looked at the two scums who were kneeling and the sides of her lips curled.

Hmph, dare to have designs on her? Tried to con her silver? Cursed Li Moying to die?

How could she let them go easily like that without paying the price?

Count their bad luck that they have fallen into her hands!

Looking at beardy and fatty kowtowing till their foreheads were almost broken with blood spilling all over the ground, Huang Yueli sat on the animal skin and began to speak slowly.

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Chapter 428