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“How is it? It’s already the middle of the night, should we take action?”

“En, it’s time already. That little lass should be fast asleep.”

“That’s great!”, Fat soldier excitedly exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting for the entire night until all the heat from within is going to burst into flames!”

“Look at your impatient attitude! You’re a disgrace to the Werewolf Mercenaries! What’s so urgent? We… Oh, wait, you’re just going to rush in like that without any preparations?”

Bearded captain hastily held on to Fatty.

“Of course, otherwise how should we enter?”

“You’re really stupid! If you were to enter like that, you’d startle her. What happens if she starts to scream? It’s better to be more prudent when handling these type of matters!”

“Then what should we do?”, Fat soldier was flabbergasted.

The bearded captain mysteriously took out a box of bewitching gas from his pouch, lightly opened the hanging screen door, dabbed a little on a pipe and blew the contents into the tent.

The bewitching gas flowed into the tent.

After the time spent to burn half an incense, bearded captain said, “Alright, let’s make a move now.”

Fat soldier finally heard his confirmation and without any hesitation, he opened the hanging screen door and took big steps inwards.

Bearded captain followed closely, not forgetting to lecture his team member.

“We’ve used so much bewitching gas, it should be safe now! That little lass must be tight asleep. No matter how much we torture her, she won’t wake up and resist. When she awakes tomorrow, the rice would have been cooked, heh heh…..”

On the surface of the tent lay a layer of beast skin. And on the skin lay a slender figure lying flat.

The eyes of the fat soldier gleamed and he rushed to the front, almost salivating.

“Little beauty, here I come! I’ve let you wait for too long~~!”

All the fats on his entire face had formed into a ball of wretched grin which looked extremely disgusting.

Bearded captain didn’t want to be left behind so he ran over as well.

Just as they were about to touch the figure, in an instance, the shadow shuddered and stood up from the ground.

“She…. She’s awake? Captain, didn’t you say this little lass had breathed in the bewitching smoke so it’s impossible for her to be awake?”

“That’s right. That bewitching smoke of mine is especially effective for practitioners below the sixth degree realm…..

The captain had yet to complete his sentence when he looked at the figure in front and gave a terrified look.

Fat soldier saw his reaction and hurriedly looked towards his direction. He only took one glance when he too, stood rooted to the ground, with a shocked expression.

That little lass had stood up, her hair dishevelled and face filled with blood. Her clothes were stained with different blood stains, giving off a devilish look. The sides of her lips curled up coldly and stretched out her arms with the intention to catch them.

“You.. killed me… and my senior… I want… your lives!”

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Saying that, that shadow staggered and like a piece of paper carried by the wind, floated towards the both of them.

Fatty turned green with fear and shakenly asked, “Cap… Captain, there’s a g….GHOST! Did that lass just commit suicide and became a vicious ghost?”

“What kind of joke is this?” The bearded captain’s expression looked horrible as well but he was more composed.

“We have yet to touch her, how could she have died? Of course it’s not a ghost! This little lass must have figured out that we will be here tonight and pretended to be a ghost to scare us!”

“Re….Really?” Fatty shakily questioned.

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Chapter 426