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“Can’t do, if you remain like this, refusing to accept money while saving others, I’ll not follow you from now on!”

“Fatty, don’t be like this…..”

The two men actually started to quarrelled in front of Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli gave a silent snigger.

She had seen plenty of such tricks, to echo one another, wasn’t the main motive to ask her for silver?

Too bad her money was not that easily earned!

Those who intend to swindle money from her would probably need to pay the price by at least hundred-fold!

These scum mercenaries had better have some savings, or they would probably not be able to afford the price of offending her!

Huang Yueli silently removed a interspatial ring from her finger. To hide the fact that she had the Sky Phoenix Ring in her possession, the interspatial ring was worn as a disguise.

There was nothing much kept inside the interspatial ring. Just some spare gold, silver, spirit stones and some leftover pills which she used to feed Li Moying.

She passed the interspatial ring to the bearded captain saying, “Captain, please don’t quarrel over us. I don’t have much silver or gold, so whatever I have in this interspatial ring, I’ll give it all to you.”

Fatty soldier snatched the interspatial ring from her, took a look and showed a look of disgust.

“Just these amount of things? Only the pills are worth some money, the rest are all rubbish!”

Huang Yueli sneered in her thoughts but continued, “We are only poor students…..”

The soldiers stole glances at one another, as if they had come to some common understanding.

Fatty soldier turned to look at her and opened his mouth to speak.

“How about your senior? This interspatial ring is only enough to save your life! If you want to save him, then give us him interspatial ring as well!”

When Huang Yueli heard these words, her heart went thumping hard!

These mercenaries were really greedy! They’ve even placed their designs on Li Moying!

Li Moying’s interspatial ring should be filled with plenty of valuables, unlike hers. Not including the other items he might already have, the half god relic that they’d obtained from Master Yun Tian’s cave should be kept inside his interspatial ring as well!

However, since the half god relic had already acknowledged its master, no one would be able to take it away.

However, Li Moying social status was extraordinary so there should be plenty of valuable items which matched his status.

Just as he was finishing his words, the fat soldier walked towards Li Moying and was about to pull up his hand.

Huang Yueli hastily stopped him, “Wait, don’t touch senior. His injury is very serious, and he doesn’t have anything valuable at all. He’s even poorer than me!”

Fat soldier coldly snorted, “Poor? No matter how poor, he should have brought along some pills right? Move aside! If you don’t move, I don’t mind letting your senior die earlier! Anyway he’s a short-lived ghost, there’s definitely no cure for him. Might as well let him reincarnate earlier!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes flashed across a murderous intent.

She could stand them bullying her, but they cannot do the same to Li Moying!

After tonight, she would definitely make this fatty pay the price!

But now…. allow her to criticize former mistakes to prevent larger scale repetitions later on!

Huang Yueli’s fingers moved slightly and a flying needle silently slicked against the ground.

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Just as the fat soldier reached the side of Li Moying, he suddenly shouted, “Owwww”.

Following that, a loud thud was heard and dust filled the sky. The fat soldier had slipped and fell flat on his face!

“Damn it, why is there a porthole here!”

He struggled to get up and both nostrils started bleeding, looking very comical.

He would never had guessed the person who made the secret move was the delicate young lady whom he had thought of as a fat cow. He assumed that he himself failed to see the obstacle on the ground and had lost his own footing.

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Chapter 423