Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 421

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Mercenaries which dared to risk entering the Dark Moon Forest’s inner zone were basically not good-natured people. In such a place, no one would find out if they killed anyone, not to mention any form of punishment.

It wasn’t Huang Yueli’s first day in society so naturally she was very clear-headed that pretending to be some worthless character was safer for them.

If her identity as an Armament Master and Li Moying was a disciple from a large Sect was exposed, they would easily be threatened.

There was no mental burden if other people found out that they had valuable items on them and they would be attacked and possibly killed, with their possessions taken away from them as both of them were weak.

So she immediately exhibited her acting skills and pretended to be a female student who was on her first training session.

Luckily, the current situation they were in look exactly like what she described.

She was only at the Qi Profound Realm Ninth Level, and Li Moying was genuinely injured seriously and had lost a lot of Profound Energy. All year round, he carried along a Profound Artifact which could hide his cultivation level, so he looked as though he was in the Defensive Realm, Seventh or Eighth level at most.

Some of South Sky Region’s famous schools students were mostly around their age and cultivation levels.

That was why the mercenaries did not suspect anything and believed her words.

The bearded captain revealed a taunting smile and said, “Do you know what place is this? This is the inner zone of the Dark Moon Forest! Both of you are pretty daring and count your lucky stars that you have yet to be torn to pieces by the Magical Beasts!”

“Ah? This… this is the inner zone??”

Huang Yueli acted dumb, acting the role of an idiot marvellously.

Bearded captain and the surrounding members exchanged a deep and provoking glance, looking at Huang Yueli’s exquisite features, their eyes seem to have some wretched meaning to it.

Although they didn’t say out loud, Huang Yueli knew, they were planning to make them two as baits! And they probably had evil intentions on her!

A strand of coldness flashed across her eyes.

These scums, they were actually having designs on a young girl who had yet to reach marriageable age!

If they had met in her previous life, these scums would definitely become minced meat on the spot!

But now….. although a little troublesome, don’t mention about her limited strength, the most important issue was Li Moying’s safety. If they were to clash now, the person who would most probably lose his life is him!

For this reason, she could only swallow her anger.

Anyway there would be plenty of opportunities to deal with this bunch of scum.

The bearded captain spoke again, “Miss, what’s your name? And that man beside you, what is your relationship with him? He seems to be in bad shape, is he seriously injured?”

She replied, “My name is Yue Li and this is my senior. Senior, he….. he was injured because he was protecting me…..”

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There was no point in hiding Li Moying’s injury as it was clear for all to see.

It was most appropriate to tell the truth, so as to lower the captain’s vigilance.

Bearded Captain laughed heartily, “Count your lucky stars, you’ve met us the Werewolf Mercenaries! Otherwise if it was just the both of you, one being seriously injured, I’m afraid that you won’t have to wait till sunrise to become a meal for the Magical Beasts!”

“Wh… What should we do!”, Huang Yueli stared with her eyes wide open.

“That’s why I said to count your lucky stars!”, Bearded Captain twirled his beard whiskers, “Since you’ve met us, the Werewolf Mercenaries, we won’t leave you alone to die. So you can tag along with us and leave the Dark Moon Forest!”

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Chapter 421