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Huang Yueli hesitated, not knowing what steps she should take next.

Very quickly she calmed down, took out a map of the Dark Moon Forest from the Sky Phoenix Ring and started studying their whereabouts.

The inner zone of the Dark Moon Forest was very wide. No one knows where the boundaries were so as they kept walking, the Magical Beasts in the forest were more powerful than before.

In the core of the restricted zone was where numerous Ninth Tier Magical Beasts dwelled. Even if it were Ninth-degree realm experts, not everyone had the ability to defeat these Ninth Tier Magical Beasts.

Therefore no one knew the situation of the core’s inner zone.

However, there had been armies who frequent the Dark Moon Forest and they drew out rough sketches of maps. These were often sold at the entrances.

The maps were not comprehensive because each army could only draw out the area which they were familiar with. Only after you had collected and pieced all the different maps together, then would you be able to get more concise information.

The hints were pretty simple to understand. A few safe zones were marked out on the maps.

As lady luck smiled on them, they had both left the restricted zone and entered the inner zone.

Furthermore, the route that Li Moying brought her to had always been along the safety zones. If they were to move off from here, there was a safest and fastest route which would directly allow them to reach the foot of the mountain.

Based on what Li Moying conveyed, Mo Yi and the rest should be at the foot of the mountain and would meet them at the top of the mountain. The chances of both groups meeting up should be very high.

Huang Yueli chose the route and kept the map. Following that, she bent down and piggy-backed Li Moying.

“Ai Ya!”

She had just piggy-backed him when Huang Yueli couldn’t help but cry out.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have enough strength, but Li Moying was tall and big. With her current body size was considered petite in this age so when she was pushed down by his weight, she almost lost her balance.

However she quickly adjusted her posture and without further ado, she used the fastest speed she had to fly down the mountain.

Eight hours had passed.

“Huff~! Huff~! Huff~!”

Huang Yueli panted and came to a halt, took a look at her surroundings and knitted her brows.

Today her luck wasn’t too bad. She had only met with a few Magical Beasts and with her previous life’s experience, she easily avoided those Magical Beasts and could safely continue with half a day’s journey.

However her position was already close to the foot of the mountain but she didn’t notice any trace of Mo Yi at all.

Could it be that.. they had missed one another?

But there was only one safe route from the mountain top, and most people would have chosen this route.

Could there… have been an accident?

Dark Moon Forest’s nightfall came earlier than usual. The surroundings became darker and darker, with the sun set lighting up the ground. When the sun set entirely, this place would become darker than usual.

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Although Huang Yueli could use flames to light up, but it was extremely dangerous in the Dark Moon Forest.

What’s more, they were within the extremely dangerous inner zone. Just based on her current strength, carrying the seriously injured and unconscious Li Moying to rush through the night, it was simply too dangerous. It was equivalent to sending themselves to their deathbeds.

However, Li Moying had made it clear that she must find Mo Yi before the sun sets…..

Huang Yueli didn’t know what she should do.

She hesitated for a moment and gently let the man whom she was carrying on her back down.

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Chapter 419