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Li Moying immediately explained, “Li’er, it’s not what you’re thinking!”

After he said these words, Huang Yueli stared blankly.

“Not what I was thinking…. of?”

“Erm…..”, Li Moying dulled and realised it was himself who was thinking askew.

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli couldn’t hold it any longer and started to decry, “You’re really too much! You could have beaten the two vultures earlier but you had to unseal the Amethyst Light Sword! Do you know that unleashing the Half God Relic wastes how much Profound Energy? Based on your current condition, why did you overdraft yourself? When the medicinal effect runs out, you’ll just wait to suffer!”

Sure enough, he had thought too much!

Li Moying wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and was glad that he did not tease the little fox.

Heavens knows, he was actually imagining that his love was reciprocated…

He urged on, “I did not expect your Thunder Flame Ball’s destructive force to be so big? What…. tier profound armament was that? I think it should be at least Sixth tier! Your refinement level had gotten so high?”

Huang Yueli replied, “This is only a Fifth tier lower grade armament, with some adjustments made to the design when I was refining it.”

“I see.”

Li Moying nodded, and took a look at Little Lilac who was still sticking to him.

Using a pair of big eyes, she looked at him starry-eyed.

Li Moying’s expression remained indifferent and convenient made the hand sign.

Little Lilac saw his actions and her expression changed immediately, shouting, “Master! Handsome master! Please don’t seal me away, I want to be with you…..”


Too bad, her coquetry was callously interrupted.

A purple light flashed by and Little Lilac was sealed once again into the Amethyst Light Sword.

Li Moying turned back and said, “Let’s go, let’s kill the two vultures and obtain their Magical Beast Cores!”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “There’s no need. There was a reason for their attack… it was….urgh… just don’t kill them!”

The two White Winged Golden Crested Vultures were already seriously injured and had fallen to the ground. Huang Yueli felt unbearable for them but since the little vulture had made a pact with her, there was no way she could return it to them.

Li Moying curiously asked, “There’s a reason? What reason? Didn’t they want to catch us to be their dinner?”

Huag Yueli made an “Umm” sound and keep hemming and hawing, “This…. *cough cough* was actually my fault… When I fell down from the cliff, I happened to drop into their nest. At that time, there was a little vulture that had just hatched, so I made a pact with it…..”

Li Moying stared at her.

“Wait, what did you say? Did I hear wrongly? You made a pact with a Seventh Tier Magical Beast’s baby??”

“Ummm, hehe, that’s right…..”

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It was because this entire story sounded ridiculous, which will cause most people to be sceptical, hence the reason for her not wanting to say it.

However, since it was Li Moying questioning her, she didn’t want to lie so she just told the entire truth.

She carried the little vulture out from the Sky Phoenix Ring and showed him a glance before carrying it back.

Li Moying’s expression towards her was as if he was looking at a freak.

“This…. is really…the White Wing Golden Crested Vulture’s baby… and it looked like it has just hatched less than a few days ago. But even though it’s an infant, it already is a Fourth Tier potential! What’s more, the vulture’s nature is an arrogant creature. It would not easily bow down to a First-degree realm practitioner… how did you do it?”

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Chapter 417