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At the same moment, Li Moying had sensed a foreboding and turned his head around.

In the middle of the sky were two humongous White Winged Golden Crested Vultures, flapping its huge wings and speedily flying towards them!

Those white tail feathers and golden wings were radiating under the sunlight. When their wings flapped, sever branches on the trees snapped as though a typhoon had swept across the forest.

The two vultures whined as they flew nearer and without any hesitation, they charged towards the direction where Huang Yueli was.

Li Moying dodged and immediately stood in front to shield her.

Huang Yueli frowned, silently feeling remorseful.

As expected, these two White Winged Golden Crested Vultures were here because of the disappearance of their little one. She was licked by them before so it was the unique smell that emitted from her body which lured them here.

At that time when she left, she had planned in advance that once she got out of the danger zone, she would change and bath in the Saint Water Spring to eliminate the smells.

Thereafter, she had entered Master Yun Tian’s cave dwelling and with Li Moying being seriously injured hence she had almost forgotten about this matter.

When they were in the mountains, because Huang Yueli set up the Beast Diversion Array so it did not capture the attention of the White Winged Golden Crested Vultures.

Now that they had left the safety zone of the Beast Diversion Array, they had stopped by the vultures’ nest on their ascent up the cliff.

In this way, it was equivalent to Huang Yueli walking straight into the trap, exposing herself to Vulture Daddy and Vulture Mummy.

While Huang Yueli was still pondering, one of the vultures aggressively pounced over in an attempt to capture her.

Li Moying turned his fingers and drew out the Amethyst Light Sword from his Realm Ring. A flash of lighting struck and a stream of sword aura shot out towards the eye of the White Winged Golden Crested Vulture.


The vulture gave a loud cry and blood streamed out, causing it to step backwards by several meters.

Upon seeing its partner injured, the other vulture was both filled with rage and anxiety and unusually pounced over aggressively!

These two White Winged Golden Crested Vultures were Seventh Tier Magical Beasts!

When they attacked together, it would be equivalent to a Eighth Degree Realm expert attacking at the same time! What’s more, these two Vultures were a couple, so they were well coordinated, helping each other to take cover and action at the right moment. The intensity of their power was extremely high!

Despite the fact that she had confidence in Li Moying’s capability, her heart was still pounding madly as if it was about to jump straight out of her mouth anytime.

They were two Seventh Tier Magical Beasts!

Handling one vulture, of course it wouldn’t pose any problem. But how about two? His cultivation was only at Ninth Level of the Sixth Degree Realm. Even if his fighting strength was exceptional, could he handle two Seventh Tier Magical Beasts?

Moreover, he still had a serious internal injury. Under this circumstances, although he had took the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pills to control his injury, he was only able to release 80% of his actual strength!

Even at his peak, he might not be able to handle two of these Seventh Tier Magical Beasts, what more about now…

It is what it is.

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Li Moying was as fast as lightning, continued unleashing his Profound Energy with various types of Thunder attribute Profound Skills which almost turned the forest into ruins.

Despite all these, none of the two vultures were defeated nor did they leave.

Li Moying’s movements slowly turned sluggish.

Although he had the upper hand now, if it was in normal times, he could have won easily if he persevered.

Huang Yueli knew clearly that he was not able to last for long as he only had two hours of battle strength!

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Chapter 415