Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 414

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“Hug me around my waist, tighter, quickly! We have to move out now!”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered to continue arguing with him.

His current ‘tip-top’ condition was exchanged by taking the pills, so there was no time to waste!

She hurriedly adjusted her posture.

Shortly afterwards, Li Moying took a huge leap and started to fly upwards. Just one leap and they have already passed several meters high. With the help of the rocks which grew on the sides of the mountain, they were practically flying and ascending along the cliff.

Huang Yueli hugged on tightly, her face leaning against his sturdy chest.

Although the ascending speed was fast, it was very stable. Li Moying intentionally protected her, bringing her into his embrace, sheltering her against the howling wind and any small rocks which could hurt her.

Huang Yueli stayed within his embrace and felt exceptional safe. It was as though if they met with any kinds of danger, this man had enough strength and determination to protect her.

Only, she felt restless and slightly afraid.

Because this was not his actual peak performance, rather he was still suffering from heavy internal injury and took the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pills, which was why he had the ability to leap onto roofs and vault over walls!

Earlier, he was weakened to that state, could he really handle everything now? Once the effect of the pill is lost, what would happen to him then? His internal injury was already very serious, now that he had taken this type of medication…..

Huang Yueli simply could not imagine, what price would Li Moying need to pay in future!

Very soon, both of them descended on the top of the cliff.

Li Moying surveyed the surroundings and said, “Between Mo Yi and me, there is a spiritual footprint. Unfortunately it has been several days so the effect of the footprint has greatly weakened. My spiritual recognition is weaker, perception has also decreased, so I can only roughly tell where is he located now.”

Huang Yueli anxiously asked, “Where is he now?”

Li Moying replied, “He should already have descended the mountain and planning to enter the restricted zone to look for us. The distance is very far away. But since I have already left that area, he should be able to sense it. He will then rush over to meet us halfway. We must quickly be on our way, grab hold of me tightly.”

Huang Yueli complied and grabbed his clothes, but she could not stop wondering. After contemplating for a while, she decided to ask.

“What….what urgent matter do you have, that you need to hurry so much? For the sake of hurrying, you’re even willing to take the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill? I really don’t understand…..”

Li Moying lowered his head and looked at her, heaving a sigh but stopped at that.

“I… didn’t want to hide this from you. But it’s a long story, even if I explained now, it will be unclear. Anyway this matter has something to do with the reason why I need your help to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror. After we have found Mo Yi, I’ll slowly explain the details!”

Hearing the four words “Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror”, Huang Yueli bit her lips and stopped asking.

She had long suspected that Li Moying wanted to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror to cure some illness for a lady. And now that he said he had to rush back urgently, surely it should be related to this matter??

Didn’t that mean, he had some relationship with that lady?

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Who on earth was she?

The more Huang Yueli’s was curious, the more she couldn’t open her mouth. She was also afraid of finding out the answer.

Li Moying didn’t managed to guess what she had on her mind. Seeing her obediently bowing her head, he immediately surrounded her and prepared to leave.

At this moment, Huang Yueli suddenly rose her head and shouted out in shock.

“Li Moying, be careful!”

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Chapter 414