Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 413

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Huang Yueli had not expected to be ambushed, and Li Moying’s strength overwhelmed hers by quite an amount. When she was pulled over, she fell towards the ground.

“Hey… What are you intending to do??”

When she was almost reaching the ground, the pulling force disappeared.

Huang Yueli quickly steadied herself and turned her head around fiercely.

Taking a stare, she broke out in cold sweat!

Li Moying took the chance while she was repositioning herself, swiftly took away the bottle in her hand, opened the bottle cap and in an instance, took out three pills and delivered it straight to his mouth!

Huang Yueli couldn’t believe her eyes!

She rushed over in bid to stop Li Moying.

However it was too late.

He leaned slightly against the mountain wall and stuffed three Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion pills into his mouth and swallowed it.

After taking the pills, his grip loosened and the pill bottle tumbled onto the ground. His face turned pale-white as his entire body started to slid down against the mountain wall.

It seemed that the two simple actions of snatching and swallowing the pills had sapped all the remaining energy in his body!

“Li Moying, are you crazy! I’ve already told you that you’re not allowed to eat the pill! Why did you still do that? And you actually snatched it from my hands! Do you still desire to continue living on?? Who was the one who said he will sell himself to me? How dare you sneak an attack on your mistress!!”

Li Moying’s eyelids were half closed and he didn’t make a single sound. Perhaps it was more appropriate to say that he had no energy to talk at all.

Huang Yueli pounced towards him and inserted her long, slender fingers into his mouth in an attempt to dig out the pills!

However, the medication have already been ingested. No matter how indignant she felt, there was nothing she could do!

Just as her face was filled with despair and prepared to give up, her fingers suddenly felt a surge of warmth.

She stared blankly and suddenly raised her chin. It was unclear when did Li Moying became clear-headed, his eyes were wide open and crystal clear, with some hints of seductiveness and evilness. It was as if he was the same as per normal!

Unexpectedly, the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill took effect so quickly!

“You! You lunatic!”

As Huang Yueli was about to fly into a rage, her fingers felt a ticklish sensation.

That weird feeling, was as if… as if this man was licking her!

She blushed immediately, with embarrassed and annoyed emotions overflowing, she attempted to draw back her fingers.

Drawing back the corners of his mouth, Li Moying released her fingers. But following that, he stretched out his arm and hooked her waist towards him.

Huang Yueli fell totally into his embrace.

Li Moying lowered his head and said in an amorous tone, breathing into her ears, “Li’er, when I was unconscious, you voluntarily offered your kisses to me daily. Although I could not move, my entire body could feel it. You don’t know what type of fire did you light up in me!”

“Wh..What?! What’s do you mean by voluntarily kissing you? That’s called feeding you medication!”

Huang Yueli’s face turned redder and redder, as if blood was going to pour out!

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Oh… my….god…Had he been able to feel the entire process? Then… then…..

Li Moying looked at her sheepish look and a sense of tenderness filled his heart. The usual perceptive look in his eyes started to add a hinge of gentleness.

He lowered his head and gave a kiss on the corner of Huang Yueli’s mouth, “You are so cute, I wish I can properly kiss you but now we do not have any time to lose. We only have two hours, so let’s use the time wisely!”

“What… ki…kiss me? You’re not allowed to get fresh with me!”, Huang Yueli flew into a rage out of humiliation, with the intention to push him aside.

Li Moying’s expression suddenly turned solemn.

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Chapter 413