Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 412

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“Li’er…. This is my…. medication… even if I’m not….. taking it…. You still have to….return it back…”

Huang Yueli stood stagnant.

That’s right. The pill belonged to him, and it was a Sixth Level Upper Grade Pill which was worth loads of silver. It didn’t make any sense for her to snatch away.

But this man was obviously not going to listen to her. Should the pill fell into his hands, she guaranteed that he would immediately swallow it!

Her eyebrows creased but in an instant, she found the perfect reasonable excuse.

“Weren’t you saying that you have sold yourself to me? Then I’m your mistress! All your fortunes should rightfully belong to me, and needless to say, that includes this bottle of Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill!”

Li Moying had never expected her to say such a thing and he was completely stupefied.

Huang Yueli gleefully shot a glance at him and righteously kept the bottle.

Li Moying didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Did this little thing knew what she was saying?

Earlier she was determined not to accept him and rather gave the Amethyst Light Sword as a gift! Now? Contrary to what one might expect, she dared to say anything?

If it was in normal times, Li Moying would not hesitate to take liberties with her, but now that he didn’t have any strength at all…..

He sighed inwardly, loathing his current condition – weak!

Heavens knows, he had not incurred such a serious injury for many years, and it had to happen at this kind of timing!

Li Moying’s majestic eyebrows knot into a line and his facial expression looked slightly paler than before.

“Li’er…. S.. Stop fooling around… give me the medication, I…. I must eat it…”

“No Way! I will never let you take this type of medication! Listen to me and lie down quietly! Calmly internalise your breathing and convalescent. Although this method is slow, it can help to improve the condition of your internal injury. This is much better than you taking medicine indiscriminately!”


Huang Yueli turned herself around, pretending not to hear anything.

“Please listen to me…”

She continued to ignore him.

Li Moying had no choice but to continue uttering.

“Please stop fooling around… I really need to…. Need to rush back…. by the 15th day of March…”

“Rush back? Back to where?”, Huang Yueli couldn’t help herself from questioning him.

“My sect…..”

“Your sect!”, Huang Yueli retorted, “No! Impossible! With your current condition, you’re intending to rush back all the way to your sect? And within one day, its just not possible, okay?”

“At least… can’t stay here… must find…. Mo Yi…”

“Then we’ll wait for him here! There must be some way that you can contact him right!”

“By the time he rushes here, there will not be enough time… My speed is much faster… I have…. to find him…..”

“That is not funny at all! No means no! Give up that idea!”

Huang Yueli was almost driven mad!

She had never encountered such a stubborn mule of a man. Did he even bother about his own body condition?

He was already seriously injured to this extend. What matter was so important that he needed to rush back within the same day? Even if it was something major, could it be more important than his own condition?

Huang Yueli steeled her heart, determined not to give him the medication bottle.

“Alright then…”, Li Moying finally gave in.

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“That’s more like it!”


Hearing Li Moying calling for her, she turned around.

Now that he’s the injured party, as long as he’s not insistent on taking medicine indiscriminately, she would still be able to satisfy his needs.

However, when she turned around, a large force was emitted causing her to lose her balance.

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Chapter 412