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Initially, Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief. But after she opened the bottle cap and took out the pill, her face changed upon one glance at the pill!

Li Moying was actually preparing to eat this type of medication!

She was still in disbelief so she took up the pill and sniffed a whiff of it.

In her previous life when she met with danger, she had no choice but to take a pill to save her life. Her memory had always been excellent so if she had taken a certain pill, she would definitely be able to recognise it!

“Li Moying! Do you know what medication is this? Did you take the wrong medication? At this critical moment, can you please be more reliable? You can eat indiscriminately but you cannot anyhow swallow pills!”

An astonished hue flashed across Li Moying’s eyes.

“You… you know…. what medication… is this?”

The medicinal pill that he had taken out was extremely rare; it could not be purchased in the market and if you were not an experienced and knowledgeable expert, most people would not be able to recognise it.

An exasperated Huang Yueli retorted, “Why can’t I recognise it! On the contrary, do you know what pill is this? The Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill! Do you know what it is used for? Oh, of course you know, the pill belongs to you. Can you just bring out any dangerous medication like this? Quickly keep it! Bring me the actual medicinal pill!”

Li Moying coughed and in a low voice, “I… know… this is… the pill I want…. to take….”

“What nonsense are you talking about! Don’t you cherish your life anymore! Taking this type of pill will only give a temporary effect. The damage it causes to your body is way more serious that you can expect! You’re already seriously wounded, please don’t take your own body as a joke?”

He had yet to complete his sentence when Huang Yueli started to scream at him.

The Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill was a Sixth Grade Upper Grade Pill. The main ingredient used to refine the pill was the Phoenix Tail Red Scorpion, a Sixth Tier Magical Beast’s poisonous sac found on the tip of the tail. The poisonous sac was then refined into an extraordinary type of pill.

It’s effect was to use the poisonous nature of the Phoenix Tail Red Scorpion to stimulate the practitioner’s hidden capability.

Once the pill was taken, the entire body would feel numbed. Even if the Profound Energy was all used up, with the effect of the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill, it could pull out at least 80% of fighting strength.

Unfortunately, the effect could not last long, at most for 2 hours before it loses its magic.

What’s worse, the side effects were very obvious. Just taking one pill alone, the poisonous nature of the Phoenix Tail Red Scorpion would infuse into the meridians, which might also affect the cultivation. The entire body would be in a state of poor health in the first month and even after three months, the health status would not recover to its original state.

Generally speaking, unless the practitioner fell into impasse where the situation was either to kill or to be killed, under such circumstances would they take the risk to take a pill. Even if 2 hours had passed and the effect had faded, at least there was a chance of survival.

However, Li Moying’s situation was totally different.

At the present moment, he had managed to pull through the from the critical condition. Although his internal injury was still severe, he would still be able to hang on for some time until Mo Yi and the rest found them. Taking the risk to take this medication was simply looking for death!

Li Moying looked at the little fox’s furious expression and quietly sighed.

He hadn’t expected that this little thing to be so knowledgeable, that she could recognise this type of upper grade pill.

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He was still thinking, since Huang Yueli didn’t know what this pill was, after he had taken the pill and led them out of this place, even after she understood what had happened, it would not matter anymore.

But….. Now…..

Li Moying was insistent, “Give me…..”

“No way! I’m confiscating this bottle of medication!”

Huang Yueli’s fingers grasped tightly on the bottle, holding the pill in her palm, she put her hand behind her back determined not to let him snatch it from her.

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