Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 41

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In a split second, the clothes on Huang Yue Li’s back became drenched in her cold sweat.

This man…..could actually see through her identity!

How could that be? Her Appearance Changing Technique was obtained from a exceptional master’s hands. There were very few who it failed to deceived.

What was most concerning was the method in which this man linked the seller of the armaments to Valiant Martial Manor’s Third Young Miss….how did he make the connection?

Currently, she was a peak grade trash ah! Who would think a good-for-nothing could smelt armaments?

Huang Yue Li’s facial colour did not change as she answered back: “Owner, what words are you speaking. How come I cannot understand?”

“Cannot understand?” The man smirked, “Do you need me to speak more clearly?”

“What do you mean?”

“As chance may have it, this one has some knowledge and insight into armaments. Two days earlier, included within the list of materials that you purchased where ingredients to creating a long sword. The Ethereal Bamboo is also a necessary component in the Nine Part Whip. The North River Mica is the also the base material used to link different components together…..each and every material was chosen as so. Is this truly a mere coincidence?”

Calmly, Huang Yue Li smiled: “Owner’s meaning is….there was someone who also bought those materials? Isn’t that just too much of a coincidence? Unfortunately, that person was not me. Today is the first time that I have ever visited Thousand Treasure Pavilion. You have recognised the wrong person!”

Lowering his line of sight, the man’s gaze was still sharp. But that faint trace of a smile had never left his face.

“En, buying the same materials can of course be a coincidence. But there is something even more coincidental.”

Leisurely he continued: “That day, this one happened to pass by Thousand Treasure Pavilion and also happened to see Third Young Miss Bai leaving from there too. In all likelihood, Third Young Miss should know when martial practitioners reach a certain level, they can recognise others from their soul trace. In my presence, your Appearance Changing Technique does not have any use!”

Huang Yue Li suddenly stood up, her expression wasn’t too good.

This man really did see through her technique. He was not ignorant!

It was either because he had cultivated to a very high realm or that he specialised in the techniques pertaining to the soul.

She had foolishly assumed she could trick him. Playing around for half a day, it was him who was playing her!

“That’s right, I truly did use an Appearance Changing Technique! But Lord Owner, why must you fuss and not forgive this? I am merely a merchant. Thousand Treasure Pavilion longtime rule is to never ask about the seller’s identity. Why are you digging up the roots to find the truth? What is your aim?”

Sitting in his chair, the man swept his gaze from top to bottom. In an indifferent voice, he replied: “”Third Young Miss, why must you be this sharp? This one does not have any particular motives. I only want to collaborate with you!


“Correct. It is really simple, I only want you to refine some special armaments. To an Armament Master who can refine Third Tier Profound Armor.

Armaments, this should not be something so difficult.”

With her previous coldly expressionless face, Huang Yue Li responded to him. “Lord Owner, I really am not the person you think me to be. I am also not some Armament Master. It would better for you to find someone more qualified! Good bye!”

As she finished speaking, he turned around to leave.

No matter how this man saw through her identity, no matter how he tricked her, she would not admit to her Armament Master status.

The reason being, she did not want to collaborate with a strong person if she did not have a method to control him.

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However, just as she reached the door, a strong gust of wind blew through.

“Bang!” It sounded loudly and clearly. The room’s door was slammed shut by the man’s profound qi.

Following that, the balance within Huang Yue Li’s body was lost as her back heavily smashed into a wall. A wave of dizziness then erupted.

By the time she could react, both her her wrists were being held by him. Firmly, they were clasped above her head.

The man’s sturdy and large body, forcefully trapped her. Wrapping up her small and petite body within.

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Chapter 41