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If an internal injury was not treated fully, the next time it relapsed, the aftermath would be multiplied several folds!

This was the real reason why Li Moying did not wake up.

However, even though Huang Yueli knew the reason, there was nothing she could do.

She had no idea where they were now, nor which way should they head towards. Neither did she knew how much time it would it take to leave the Dark Moon Forest.

What’s more, both of them were in the restricted zone of the Dark Moon Forest, if they did not have a clear direction to follow, they may meet with some high level Demonic Beasts. With Li Moying heavily wounded, in this type of situation, there was only one death route for this pair of mandarin ducks.

With Li Moying’s current condition, it would be better for him to not move around.

There was one thing worth rejoicing – there were varieties of pills in the Huang Yueli’s Sky Phoenix Ring. That included plentiful of Abstinence Pills and Saint Spring Water.

With just this two items, it would sustain them for an entire year in the deep hills.

Huang Yueli decided to stay put. After she had carefully observed the surroundings and set up the necessary concealment Arrays, she focused all her attention on taking care of Li Moying.

Three days had passed. The wound on Li Moying’s back started to show signs of healing under the daily cleansing of the Saint Spring Water.

However, he had not awaken.

The most important task that Huang Yueli needed to do daily is to feed him medication.

As Li Moying did not show any signs of consciousness, for the past three days, she fed him via mouth continuously for three meals per day.

Initially she felt embarrassed. Luckily Li Moying was in an unconscious state and was not able to see the entire scene. After that, she started to get used to it.

A handsome man who was unable to move; she could treat him like a rag doll.

On the morning of the fourth day, Huang Yueli proceeded to feed him his medication.

Li Moying’s good-looking face still showed a pale, greyish complexion; that pair of deep, serene eyes were closed tightly. There were even dark eye circles. His long lashes were thick and black yet not overbearing, giving him a delicate temperament.

Huang Yueli’s fingers involuntarily brushed across the bridge of his nose.

The Li Moying now, looked even more outstanding than usual. Normally his overbearing and imposing figure gave out an extremely oppressing feeling. Because of this, it made others neglect the fact that his looks were too bewitching.

She picked the little white porcelain bottle and poured out a pill. Holding the pill in her mouth, she took a mouthful of Saint Spring Water. Exactly as what she did for the past three days, she placed her lips on Li Moying’s lips.

She was already experienced in feeding medication so this round was very smoothly executed.

As she was preparing to withdraw her tongue, a soft thing suddenly approached her and twirled around her tongue, playfully frolicking.

Huang Yueli’s mind turned blank. After a couple of breaths, she suddenly reacted.

This was Li Moying’s tongue!

This man had awoken?

Huang Yueli was startled and opened her eyes wide. She saw Li Moying’s eyes stirring but had not opened. Only his tongue was sliding around in her mouth.

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For convenience’s sake to feed medication, she had allowed Li Moying’s head to rest on her thigh.

This position was just too ambiguous.

Huang Yueli’s face instantly turned beet-red and her heart tangled together.

When… did this man awaken? Why was there no warning signs at all?

And the minute he awoke was to do something so amorous….. and he… he… in spite of everything …. if it wasn’t for the fact that while he was saving her, he incurred such a serious injury, she would have definitely taught him a lesson!

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Chapter 409