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Li Moying had lost all consciousness hence there was no way that he could swallow the pills at all.

The Saint Spring Water brimmed out from the corners of his mouth while the pills remained inside his mouth.

An anxious Huang Yueli furiously retorted, “Can’t you just take your medication? Annoying! You were conscious earlier! Why didn’t you come out with me to treat your injury while you were conscious! Why must you insist on obtaining the Magical Beast Core! See, now you can’t even take your medication!! Do you wish to die?”

No matter how madly she retialiated, it was as though she was talking to a wall, casting pearls before a swine.

Li Moying couldn’t hear anything hence he would not have any response towards her threats.

As his face turned paler and paler, Huang Yueli became more distressed.

She bowed her head down and took a mouthful of Saint Spring Water, then pressed her lips against Li Moying’s lips.

His usually fervent thin lips had turned icy cold and was trembling slightly.

Huang Yueli carefully ferried the Spring water into his mouth but he was not swallowing the water, merely holding it with in.

She was at her wits end, so she stuck out her delicate tongue and pushed the pill deeper. Once it has slid into his throat, it choked him slightly and in response, he swallowed the pill.

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly took another mouthful of Saint Spring Water. Changing to another pill, she continued to feed Li Moying the medication.

Although simple, this method proved to be effective as Li Moying had already taken various types of medicinal pills.

After she had finished feeding him all the medications, Huang Yueli entered the Sky Phoenix Ring and took with her the tent which they had used several days ago and the blanket which Little Phoenix carefully kept away, laid it on the ground in a bid to allow Li Moying to feel more comfortable.

It was just too bad that the bedding Little Phoenix used was too small. It could only cover part of his torso, exposing his hands and feet.

Still, it was better than nothing.

Since he was already seriously injured, It wasn’t advisable for Li Moying to catch a cold.

Following that Huang Yueli set up a Beast Diversion Array before squeezing back into the tent.

The night went by peacefully. There were no incidents nor signs of any powerful Magical Beasts prowling around.

However, Li Moying did not awake the next morning.

Huang Yueli was extremely worried.

Although she wasn’t a professional physician or Alchemy Master, she was still a Ninth Realm expert in her past life. There went plenty of scenarios where she had to go through fire and water, so injuries were part and parcel of life. Injuries such as being clawed by Magical Beasts were commonly seen, so naturally she had some understanding of this.

Li Moying’s injury was more of a superficial one as it had not affected his internal organs.

The main reason for loss of consciousness was largely due to the huge amount of blood lost.

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Even though the pills were of lower-grade quality, since he had swallowed that much of a quantity, it should more or less have an effect. Not to mention there was the Saint Spring Water which had the magical effect of neutralising decays and contusions, by right, he should have awaken by now.

Huang Yueli took his pulse and suddenly realised that his condition was more serious that she had expected.

Li Moying’s internal breathe had became very messy; he had severely lost a large amount of Profound energy. It was obvious that his internal injury was extremely serious!

Thinking back to the moment he rushed into the cave dwelling to look for her, that travel-worn look, Huang Yueli guessed that he might have obtained an internal injury elsewhere. Because of her, he did not have enough time to recuperate, only relying on medicinal pills and his internal breathe to reduce the impact of his internal injury.

Thereafter, due to the surprise attack from the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard, it caused a deep wound from its vicious clawing. His internal injury probably was triggered because his bodily functions were weakened!

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Chapter 408