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Huang Yueli’s eyes turned red again.

Li Moying had suffered a serious injury, and the first thing on his mind was to ask if she was injured!

This man….. really…

She covered Li Moying’s mouth and told him, “You… you better stop talking. Let’s go outside, I’ll support you!”

Due to the unforseen circumstances earlier, Li Moying used his formidable lighting profound skill.

Lighting skill’s attack skills are ranked number one in terms of power ranking. Because such a formidable skill was used in a small area, it caused a deep crack on the apex of the cave dwelling.

Signs were hinting the cave might collapse anytime. Small rocks were falling on their heads and tiny, long cracks started forming on the walls of the caves.

Huang Yueli knew that this cave would not be able to last beyond the time needed to brew a cup of tea and since it was obvious that Li Moying was unable to make any major movements by himself, she offered her support to bring him out of this cave dwelling.

Otherwise both of them would be buried alive.

She held on tightly to support his waist and back, and allowed him to lean his entire weight against her small frame. In a split second, his masculine body frame almost crushed her.

She hurriedly initiated her Profound Energy and propped him up.

“Go, let’s go quickly!”, Huang Yueli clinched him and trudged out.

But no matter how she much energy she used, his feet seemed to be nailed to the ground, unable to move him at all.

“You… Li Moying, are you awake?”

“Humm…”, he answered feebly, with his head resting on Huang Yueli’s shoulder.

“Persevere on and coordinate with me to bring you out of this cave, it’s going to collapse anytime! I really have no strength to drag you out…”

“Un….”, Li Moying answered her.

But even though she has exerted her energy, she was still unable to move him.

“Wha… what’s wrong with you? Don’t you want to continue living anymore?”

An annoyed Huang Yueli could feel that Li Moying didn’t want to move at all. Even if it was an unconscious person, the total weight shouldn’t be more than 100kg. After all, she was a martial practitioner. There’s no reason that she was unable to move him at all.

What’s more, this was not time for him to be willful!

Li Moying gasped and whispered in her ear, “Magical Beast Core…”

Huang Yueli couldn’t hear clearly, “What did you say?”

“S.. Seventh..Tier fire attribute… demonic beast’s…. magical beast core…”

Huang Yueli couldn’t believe her ears!

Seventh Tier Fire Attribute magical beast core!

Li Moying still remembered!!

That item was in her list that she gave Li Moying before they entered the Dark Moon Forest!

“At this time, you’re still thinking about the Magical Beast Core? The room is going to collapse anytime now, and your injuries… we cannot wait any longer! Let’s go now!”

Li Moying was insistent, “Go… retrieve… the Magical… Beast Core…”

“I’m not going!”

“…Go retrieve…..”

He sounded like he was on his last breadth and yet he was so obstinate. Huang Yueli was at her wits end.

Gritting her teeth, she could only oblige to his wishes.

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Luckily the corpse of the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard was just by her feet, and it was already burnt to a crisp. The charred skin had curled upwards.

Huang Yueli knelt down beside it, took out her dagger, cut a small incision and easily obtained the Magical Beast Core.

Li Moying’s face flashed a weak, pale smile.

“I have done…. all the things…. that I promised…. You… must also…. do what you… have promised me… okay? Hmm?”

“Ok your head! Li Moying, You Big Idiot!” Huang Yueli choked with emotions.

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Chapter 406