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“Wha… what’s happening…”

Huang Yueli eyes were popping out in surprise.

A bloodshed Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard leapt upwards from behind. Its sharp claws were deeply etched into Li Moying’s back.

Fresh blood soaked through the back of Li Moying’s clothes.

Huang Yueli, on the other hand, was embraced tightly in Li Moying’s arms, protected from any source of harm.


Li Moying and the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard were engaged into a fierce battle. Finally, Li Moying pierced through its heart and it fell dead instantly.

At that moment, all of Li Moying’s thoughts were on Huang Yueli. He thought she had gotten into an accident and was worried throughout the entire night…. He wanted to confirm her safety and at the same time, educate this lass about his love. Hence he didn’t double check if the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard was really dead.

His swordplay had always been precise, without making any mistakes.

However this Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard’s heart was positioned differently from others. It’s heart was inclined to the right side, therefore although Li Moying had pierced through its body, it missed the vital spot.

It was unconscious but had not died.

After that, when Li Moying and Huang Yueli entered the Armament Refining Hall and spent a substantial amount of time opening the furnace, the bickering over the Amethyst Light Sword caused a commotion.

At this point of time, the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard which was left outside in the front hall was slowly awakening.

It hid behind the door, waiting for them to reappear. When they were caught unaware, it snuck an attack from behind!

This was a smart leopard. It knew that Huang Yueli was the weaker one and attempted to attack her first, followed by the other!

It had been proven that its choice is the correct one. Huang Yueli indeed didn’t notice the fluctuations of the Seventh Tier Magical Beast’s Profound Energy.

Li Moying’s first instinct was to use his body to shield her from its attack.

The Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard let out a howl when it struck its target.

Its hatred towards Li Moying was immensely high; now that it has inflicted injury on him, it felt exceptional as though it could now take its revenge!

The Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard wanted to use this opportunity to strike Li Moying down once and for all.

At this point, it saw Li Moying turned around and a flash of lighting came charging towards it. It was struck by the electric current and was roasted to a crisp. Immediately, it fell heavily on the ground.

This round, it was finally dead.

The biggest problem was Li Moying was seriously injured too.

After his finishing move, as if he had used up all his energy, he fell towards the direction of Huang Yueli.

She hurriedly ran forward to catch him and her hands were immediately stained with his blood. This made her panic.

“Li… Li Moying… you… you…”

She didn’t know what to say at all. She tried to talk but tears kept rolling down her face.

She really didn’t expect that when she ran into danger, this man’s first reaction was to use his life to protect her! Without any further consideration!

He… why on earth did he do this?

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Both of them were unrelated, and at most, they had only known each other for about a month. He kept wooing her but she rejected him time after time!

To be honest, she wasn’t anyone to him at all!

If Li Moying had not thrown himself at her, she might have been the one who was seriously injured, or maybe even dead. But he definitely wouldn’t be injured to this extent….

Why on earth…. did he do this?

“You…..are you….injured?” Li Moying’s deadly white lips barely mouthed these words.

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Chapter 405