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It was impossible to refine the Amethyst Thunder Flame, which had the thunder attribute, unless you had both thunder and fire attribute physiques.

In order to obtain the Amethyst Thunder Flame, some of the Armament Masters or Alchemy Masters would bring along thunder attributed armaments or set up Arrays to aid and suppress the mysterious flames and sometimes barely succeed.

But now? This lass simply just waved her small hands and easily restrained the Amethyst Lighting Flame…..

If it wasn’t for the fact that Li Moying had personally witnessed the entire scene, he would never think such a thing was possible at all.

What grade talent was this lass? Could it be that she’s also a legendary…..

“Alright, done. Let’s go!”, Huang Yueli’s voiced out.

Li Moying turned around and found the furnace missing. He estimated that this lass had kept it into an interspatial ring.

He didn’t know that she had the Sky Phoenix Ring in her possession, and thought it was just another ordinary interspatial ring.

Only Armament Masters who specialised on control spaces could forge the interspatial ring, therefore the pricing had always been extremely high. People who came from smaller countries such as Southern Yue would never be able to afford this at all.

However, this little fox was an exceptional talented Armament Master, so to be able to afford these things was nothing out of the blue.

Li Moying didn’t bother to interrogate. He nodded his head and said, “Then let us go. Is there anywhere else you want to have a look?”


Li Moying gave her a gentle smile and touched her cheek, tucked her hair behind her ears and naturally held her hand, walking out.

Huang Yueli attempted to drew her hand back but was stopped by Li Moying. “The roads along here are too dangerous. I’ll hold on to you so that you won’t accidentally fall off any cliff again. After all, you have a previous conviction!”

“You… how dare you look down on me!”

Li Moying smirked and held her hand tightly.

Huang Yueli helplessly followed along with him. As she was walking, she seemed to recall something.

“Oh yes! I am not fond of the Armament Spirit in the Amethyst Light Sword. She behaves like a little brat! Don’t let her out so casually.”

Li Moying’s lips curled upwards. This little fox… was she jealous?

He didn’t dare to voice out his thinking, so he solemnly nodded his head. “That’s my intention too. The Amethyst Light Sword is after all, a Half Divine Relic. If other people were to see though it, it will probably cause unnecessary problems for us. Even if I have to use it in future, I’ll also try not to lift the seal. That makes it much safer.”

Usually the armament spirits of Profound Armaments, were sealed within the engraved patterns of the sword veins. They would only be activated if their masters use their Profound Strength to lift the seal, then will the armament spirit appear.

Profound weapons with armament spirits were able to release its full potential. Otherwise it was no different from an eighth grade armament.

As long as Li Moying do not lift the sealon the Amethyst Light Sword, it would at most look like an ordinary eighth grade profound armament. The difference between an eight and ninth grade was comparable to heaven and earth. Due to the fact that there were few ninth grade Profound Armaments, there were plentiful of eighth grade weapons around.

In this way, the prowess of the Amethyst Light Sword would naturally be weaker but it was more than enough.

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Huang Yueli nodded delightfully, pleased with Li Moying’s answer. This chaperone was worth the price…

As they chatted nonchalantly, Huang Yueli suddenly felt a chill back her spine and this raised her alarms!

Her instincts told her danger was approaching!

Huang Yueli had yet to react and the man beside her had already pulled her into his arms.

She heard a sound of sneering and right before her eyes, fresh blood was spilled!

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