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Li Moying felt a stir within and this raised his interest to continue making fun of her.

He slowly and deliberately loosened the top of his robe, further exposing his chest.

Li Moying was tall, but when dressed in his daily robes, he looked slightly skinny. In actual fact, his muscles were taut, the lines were perfect. Along with his jade-like skin, it was comparable to a sculpture

Huang Yueli kept warning herself, don’t be entwined by this man.

But she wasn’t able to control her vision and kept stealing glances at Li Moying’s chest.

Li Moying was delighted. He slightly leaned his body forward and his handsome face went near Huang Yueli’s earlobe. With a low voice, he teased, “How is it? Are you satisfied now? If not, you can feel for yourself…”

“Touch your head!”, Huang Yueli pounded hard on his chest in an attempt to push him aside.

God knows, this push caused her palm to press against Li Moying’s chest.

She hurriedly withdrew her hand, but Li Moying’s reaction was faster. He tugged her hand and refused to let go.

Under her palm, she felt his sturdy chest muscles pulsating. She clearly felt how strong this man was, filled with power.

“It’s indeed better to feel it for yourself to be sure! Since you’ve already felt it, are you satisfied now? If not, we can continue downwards…..”

“I’m satisfied… Very satisfied! Enough of it already!”

Huang Yueli was afraid he would continue with a strip dance, hence she decided to listen.

Li Moying showed a gratified smile, gently chuckling he said, “Since you’ve already examined the goods, this shows that you’re satisfied with it. That concludes our deal! In future I’ll keep following you so pay off my debt.”

In a resigned tone, Huang Yueli pronounced, “You don’t need to follow me around. Really! I can take care of myself!”

“Is that so?”, Li Moying disapprovingly said. “I only left for a short span of six days and you’ve fallen over a clift! And hunted down by a Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard! If not for me, you’d have become a corpse. You still dare to tell me that you can take care of yourself?”

“That was an accident…..”

“What accident? I don’t want to listen to your explanation. Anyway in my eyes, you are the one whom I want to protect! We shall do as I say. Even if you don’t agree, you are not able to get rid of me!”

The last sentence was simply too hoodlum-like, yet it was also the truth.

Huang Yueli went completely silent, and finally realised that even if she had set up her defences, she was still cheated by this man.

Was it really destined that she had carry this burden everywhere she went?

That said, an extremely handsome and powerful burden?

Perhaps to other women, having Li Moying as a chaperon was an honour. But to Huang Yueli, the only feeling was he was an extremely huge trouble.

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She had seen for herself on Li Moying’s ability to attract women.

The unexpected calamity that she suffered in these two days, wasn’t it because of the romance debts that this man chalked up, and entangled her into?

If he were to follow her around daily, without even thinking, she could already envision her usual peaceful life to be turned upside down…

Huang Yueli sighed. Forget it, since there was no way to get rid of him, rejection wasn’t an option, just temporarily agree to his terms. Perhaps after following her for a few days, he might feel bored and decide to leave on his own accord.

“Alright, get dressed properly now. Aren’t we supposed to meet up with Mo Yi and the rest? It’s not early anymore, it’s time for us to leave.”

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Chapter 402