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Li Moying wasn’t upset when he heard these words. Instead, as he looked at her, a smile spread across his face as he continued.

“…, since I cannot return you the Amethyst Light Sword, then treat that you have sold it to me.”

“Sell to you?! What fortune will you give up for this? Do you even know the value of the half divine relic?” Huang Yueli exclaimed.

A ninth level grade armament can easily bankrupt a renown ninth grade expert, not to mention a half divine relic! Perhaps, this is the one and only half divine relic in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent.

Li Moying sniggered, “Yes, you’re absolutely right. I have nothing to exchange for this, so after deliberating, there is only one method. And that is …..”

Huang Yueli anxiously gazed at him as he slowly spat out these four words.

“….. offer myself to you!”


Huang Yueli instantly exploded, “You’re intentionally taking advantage of me! First, you stole my sword. Now, you’re trying to take advantage of me! No way! Absolutely not! Never! Give up the thought, you lecher!”

“Oh dear, Li’er, your thoughts are so impure. I only said offer myself to you. Since when did I say I want to take advantage of you? As for the term lecher, that’s pure slander.”

Li Moying felt pleased with himself after seeing her embarrassed and annoyed look.

Huang Yueli stared at him, “You dare to deny! You just said to offer yourself to pay off the debt.”

“Of course, I did say that. But what I meant was to prepare to sell myself and be your chamberlain, to be at your beck and call. Whatever you ask me to do, I will do. It’s not… what you’re imagining, alright?”

Saying this, his tone suddenly changed ambiguously.

“Of course, if you indeed have this need and require me to help you warm up the bed, I…. I can only follow your instruction…. But, please be gentle with me… this is my first time….”

Li Moying said this in an aggrieved manner.

That tone and spirit is similar to a hedonistic rich boy fooling around with a virtuous young lady, and this made Huang Yueli twitch with anger, wanting to punch him.

“I don’t need you to warm up my bed!” she retorted.

Li Moying heaved a sigh of relief exaggeratedly, as if he was in fear.

“In this case, all I need to do is to become your chamberlain?”

“Yes that’s right!” Huang Yueli exasperated.

But upon seeing Li Moying’s curved lips, she reacted quickly and corrected herself, “No, that’s not right. I don’t want you to be my chamberlain. What use do I have for you? I want Peak Level Jade!”

Huang Yueli stomp her feet, feeling frustrated.

Why is it that she is usually competent at everything, but in front of this man, she is forever on the losing end? Unknowingly, she will be cheated by him.

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Just because he is handsome?

No no no! She’s not a love-struck idiot. It’s obvious that this man is too devious.

Li Moying was unable to constringe his smile. This lass, she’s just too cute!

He shamelessly said, “I don’t care. You’ve already agreed to this transaction, how can you go back on your words? Business is not done in this way! What’s more, I assure you that I’m very useful and can protect you. I can accompany you to train, look for materials and help you teach those who go against you a lesson. Of course, I can also warm up your bed…..Omph!”

Upon hearing the words “warming bed”, Huang Yueli angrily twinched his arm.

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Chapter 400