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Following that, the lid moved slightly and a small opening was revealed.

The lid slowly moved up and the purple smoke started to gush out.

By the time the entire lid came off, most of the purple smoke had also dispersed and Huang Yueli took a step forward.

“Quick, let’s have a look to see what’s inside! Wow! It’s heavy!”

She called out and reached her hand in and pulled out a purple sword.

This purple sword was made of an unknown material and the entire sword was enveloped with a faint purple glow. The shape was simple and elegant and there was a golden lightning mark engraved at the lower part of the blade.

However, it was slightly longer than an ordinary sword and was also much thicker. The blade was not sharp at all, it’s edge was blunt.

“This…is an edgeless sword!” Li Moying gasped.

Huang Yueli replied, “Not only is it an edgeless sword, it is a heavy sword of the thunder attribute!”

A sword was the most commonly seen weapon in the Soaring Heavens Continent and it was the chosen weapon of the majority of cultivators. There was also a myriad of varieties of swords out there.

According to the length of the blade, it was divided into short swords, longswords and greatswords. They also had a varying degree of hardness as well as the shape that could be further classified into straight sword, curved sword, crescent sword or even snake sword. They could also be classified according to the weight such as a broadsword.

In addition, because of the different ways of attack, there were also various advantages between an edgeless sword and one with sharp edges.

Regular swords with edges are usually light, thin, flexible and sharp. A real good sword would be one that could cut gold and break jade. When fighting, it relies on the sharpness of the edge to slash and attack the enemy.

The edgeless sword is the complete opposite where it’s often forged as a heavy sword. For this types of swords, if there was no profound qi imbued in it, there wasn’t any lethality at all.

However the materials used in forging edgeless swords were more rare as it could absorb the profound qi of the cultivator. Not only that, it could even absorb in the heaven and earth profound qi to aid in its attack. Hence, in the hands of a powerful cultivator, its terrifying potential would be unleashed and wreak havoc upon the heavens and earth!

It could also be said that for swords with sharp edges are the preferred choice of the average person and low levelled cultivators while the edgeless sword is the chosen sword of the truly powerful cultivators as it accompanies them and bring them to new heights.

In terms of forging them, edgeless swords are a huge hurdle and could be said that it was a trial for Armament Masters. Almost all edgeless swords were only made by Armament Masters that were at least of the sixth grade. Not only that, all materials had to be at least the sixth grade to be able to withstand the intense profound qi that was imbued into it during battles.

The edgeless sword in Huang Yueli’s hands was outstanding.

Just by holding it in her hands, she could already feel the oppressive pressure it gave off. It was as if a peerless master was standing in front of her and t weighed heavily on her and she was struggling to even hold it.

It was at this moment that her hand trembled and the longsword fell towards the ground.

Li Moying immediately reached out to catch it.

“How could you be so careless?” He asked affectionately as he brought it to her.

However, Huang Yueli did not reach her hands out to take it.

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“This sword….has been rejecting me. I didn’t drop it accidentally but rather it kept trying to distance itself away from me. It looks like …it doesn’t like me.”

Li Moying was startled and he looked down at the sword in his hands.

The sword remained obedient in his hands and there wasn’t anything that seemed out of place.

He then suddenly widened his eyes and asked her in astonishment. “Are you saying that …this sword has self awareness? But if that’s the case, why can’t I feel it? ”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Of course, this is a half divine relic, naturally it has its own consciousness, moreover, it should have it’s own spirit.”

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Chapter 395