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The movement of Huang Yueli was very fast and precise.

In the blink of an eye, she had complete twelve complicated array patterns. Each time she completed one, she would move in a clockwise direction at a certain angle around the armament furnace. The position where her foot was was extremely accurate, while her hands danced nonstop.

Before she started, Li Moying stood by her side nervously and was prepared to save his Little Fox at any moment.

However, when she started, he looked at her in stupor.

Although he wasn’t an Array Master, Li Moying was still an extremely talented genius. Not only did he have an outstanding cultivation level , his knowledge was also extraordinary. Naturally, he also had some understanding of arrays.

He also knew other Array Masters, one of them was Murong Ni’s Master who was a highly praised and renowned Array Master of the Eighth Grade helmed for being a genius amongst geniuses.

However, he had never ever witnessed anyone draw array patterns like what Huang Yueli was currently doing. Without a need of an Array Board, any Array Drawings and most shockingly, without the time to even think and calculate!

Usually when an Array Master constructs the array patterns, there was a need for a lot of preparation. Each and everyone of them would prepare various precious materials and moved with prudence as they slowly drew the array pattern stroke by stroke meticulously while they were in deep contemplation, or else the array might be rendered useless.

But his Little Fox here?

She directly used a deviant flame and drew array patterns in the air with fluid movements. Not only was there not a shred of nervousness, everything was done with precision and confidence.

Her movements were graceful, elegant and harmonious. It was just like a unique dance that had an indescribable beauty to it.

Li Moying could not pull his gaze away from her as he followed every movement in fascination….

Time flew by…

After Huang Yueli drew more and more array patterns and the trembling of the armament furnace also became more violent each time as a burst of black smoke spewed out from within.

Eventually, it started to shake violently as it gave off loud rattling noises.

If not for the three contraptions on the floor to restrict its movement, it might have directly jumped out.

Huang Yueli’s expression was sombre and her fingers moved faster and faster. Beads of perspiration started to form on her forehead as her face started to flush a shade of red.

Li Moying was even more wary as he focused a hundred and twenty percent of attention on her.

He knew that it was almost time for the furnace to open.

Moreover, this was the most critical juncture and the most dangerous moment of it all.

Huang Yueli’s mental fortitude was obviously a little inadequate and it became hard to support it. However, every movement she made was still perfect without any mistakes!

Li Moying had even more admiration when he saw such conviction.

At the last moment, if there was just a sliver of error, not only would all the hard work be useless, the entire armament furnace would immediately explode. Seeing how violent the entire armament furnace was shaking right now, one could easily imagine what kind of magnitude the explosion would be!

Li Moying did not dare to slack off and was ready to move at any moment!

It was at this point that Huang Yueli had completed drawing her array.

She moved her fingers closer and a sharp whistling reverberated throughout.

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The True Phoenix Flame immediately surrounded the entire armament furnace as it burned resplendently and all the array patterns lit up as they started to join and link up.

The entire armament furnace started to quake wildly, as if something was within it that was desperately trying to escape from the True Phoenix Flame!


After a muffled sound, then entire armament furnace suddenly stopped moving.

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Chapter 394