Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 393

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Li Moying no longer spoke, neither did he step back but just looked intently at her.

Huang Yueli gave him a weird look as she said, “What are you doing? Hurry up and move back! I am seriously going to open the furnace now!”

Li Moying snided coldly, “So you also know that there’s such a thing as ‘in case’? If you must open this furnace then just go ahead and open it, but I will stay here to protect you. In case anything happened, with your sad level of cultivation where do you think you can escape to? In the end, don’t you still have to rely on me?”


Although what he said was extremely rude and arrogant and he even made it sound like he despised her low level of cultivation. However deep down, Huang Yueli knew that he was clearly concerned for her.

Immediately, she felt extremely remorseful for her probing actions just now.

“Alright long as the furnace doesn’t explode, no matter what I’m doing, you cannot stop me!”

Li Moying nodded his head in agreement.

The moment she finished speaking, she turned and focused on the armament furnace in front of her.

Her position was very precise, the furnace was exactly three feet and three inches apart, not an inch more, nor an inch less.

With rapt attention, she carefully studied the lines that ran along the furnace while her mind was calculating at an absurd speed.

To be able to refine a ninth grade armament furnace which was a treasure itself, adding on to the fact that she wasn’t the master of it, opening it would be very difficult and very dangerous as well.

The contraption to open the furnace must be hidden on the wall of the furnace. There was a complex network of eighty one different positions. However, only three were the correct ones and if a wrong one was selected, it would explode.

Not only that, this Master Yun Tian was a also an Array Master.

On this armament furnace he had forged, he even engraved a number of arrays to strengthen the flame as well as to enhance the product being refined. These array patterns also added on to the load of Huang Yueli as she needed to factor these into her calculations to dispel the arry to negate these effects so as not to influence her judgment.

This was an extremely arduous and taxing process; not only did it call for her deep comprehension in armament refining and arrays, it also expended a large amount of mental fortitude. If she didn’t have these, she may collapse halfway during the process.

Huang Yueli stood motionless for a very long time, as if she had been petrified into stone.

Suddenly, her figure flashed by as she flicked her fingers and a small flame appeared at her fingertip. This flame was very small but it was mesmerizing as it burned brilliantly but it did not hurt one’s eyes by it’s glare. It’s heat was intense and even from a far distance, it’s scorching hot temperature could be felt.

This was the Real Phoenix Fame that she had refined in her body!

Each deviant flame had their own quirks and were hard to control. Especially more so for such types that was currently in the furnace that still had a shred of consciousness that Master Yun Tian had left behind.

She had especially taken the True Phoenix Flame out because… among all deviant flames, it was the overlord of it all!

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The moment the True Phoenix Flames made an appearance, the deviant flame within the furnace immediately felt a threat and began to undulate wildly.

However, in the face of the overlord of deviant flames, it gave off an oppressive pressure. Very quickly, the deviant flame inside the armament furnace became weaker and weaker, eventually it condensed into a tiny flame.

Huang Yueli’s fingers seemingly danced deftly, while borrowing the brilliance of the True Phoenix Flame, in the air she drew out patterns after patterns of arrays.

These array patterns seemed to be alive as they lit up resplendently and flashed as they flew towards the furnace.

Each time an array pattern touched the armament furnace, the entire armament furnace trembled and let out a muffled sound.

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Chapter 393