Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 392

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“So will you?”

Huang Yueli looked at him with her beautiful big eyes with an extremely innocent expression.

Li Moying’s arm tightened, and glared at this Little Fox who was specialized in opposing him.

“Yes, of course I will! I want to wait for you to open the furnace and kiss you until you’ve lost all your senses then I will bring both person and armament back. As for you, I’ll bring you back to warm the bed, what do you think?”

He bowed his head and was very close to her fair cheek, as if he was about to kiss her.

“You are really too shameless, let go of me this instance! I’ve got an important thing to do!”

Huang Yueli pushed him away in panic.

Fortunately, Li Moying also recognized that this wasn’t an appropriate place to be intimate and did not insist any further and let her off.

“If you want to open this armament furnace, just go ahead! Everyone is still waiting for us, we’ve got to hurry back!” Li Moying said faintly.

Tone of voice wasn’t very good because he had an uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

This Little Fox….Although she had beaten about the bush but he wasn’t stupid either. He immediately understood once he heard it.

She was still worried that he would act when she opened the furnace, which was why she said all that just to test him…

Although he had not thought himself to be a good person, he did not have this hobby to snatch things away from his beloved woman!

The moment he had fallen for the woman, he would be totally devoted to her and anything could be given to her! He definitely wasn’t those kind of trash that would only use honey words but when they encounter such a situation or an danger, they would immediately change!

He also knew that they had barely known each other for a month and every time her attitude in rejecting him was very apparent. Their time spent together wasn’t long enough so the lack in trust was also very normal.

If they could spend more time together and experience more things together, their trust in each other would naturally grow.

Even if that’s the case, no matter what, hearing his Little Fox say it still hurt him a little….

When she heard his tone of voice, she also knew that he wasn’t too happy and a sense of guilt crept up from within.

But very soon she felt that incredulous for feeling guilty. That didn’t make any sense at all!

For knowing each other for only a month and having a fortunate stroke of serendipity to discover such a priceless treasure that every cultivator dreamt of! What was inside this armament furnace was possibly something that was of the ninth grade or even higher!

Even if she was at the pinnacle of her previous life, she still wouldn’t be able to refine out such an armament!

In such a situation, wasn’t it normal to be worried of any sneak attack? As the saying goes, one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature.

In her previous life she had also seen many such cases. Many couples that were deeply enamoured and close friends, yet just for the sake of a peerless artifact, they turned their backs against each other and became bitter enemies… what more for them who had just met and barely familiar with each other?

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Huang Yueli tried her best to suppress the guilty feeling that was growing and turned her head.

“That…Mmm, I’m going to open the furnace already. It’s better that you stand further back a bit because I don’t know if anything accidents may happen later. If I make a slight mistake and it explodes, you might get injured.”

Hearing her words, not only did Li Moying not retreat back, he even took a step forward and stuck on close beside her.

“If it’s so dangerous, must you really open it?” His tone sounded a bit urgent.

Huang Yueli replied nonchalantly, “There’s no problem, I am very familiar with the structure of such furnaces. There’s a ninety nine percent grasp of it. I’m just saying it just in case. That tiny possibility of it exploding is always there so it’s good to be more careful.”

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Chapter 392