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Before Li Moying could say anything more, Huang Yueli had held his wrist and pulled him along as she ran off in the direction of another door jovially.

“Come on, let’s go have a look together!”

Whatever Li Moying had wanted to say had all been swallowed back.

He lowered his head and saw the slender little hand that held his wrist in disbelief. She would actually take the initiative to hold his hand? And it was a very natural move, not as if she had mulled over it.

Thinking of this, all his rage that had been suppressed could no longer be vented.

Forget it, he thought to himself. If he want to tame his wife, he could do it at any time. Since the atmosphere now was so good, he shall first accompany his Little Fox to hunt for treasure together!

Li Moying found an excuse for himself without realizing that he had already been led by the nose by Huang Yueli. But alas, this poor man did not know that this manner that they got along continued on in the future….

When Huang Yueli opened the door to the second room, she cried out in surprise at the same time.

“There is actually an armament furnace here, it looks like this is the armament room of Master Yun Tian!”

Li Moying followed her and strode in.

The room was quite large and it had a very high ceiling as well. The walls were covered in a thick layer of grey which were apparent traces of smoke and ash. The entire floor was scattered with many remnants of discarded byproducts, piles of ashes and soot all around and it looked very messy and dirty.

Huang Yueli was unfazed by this scene and the moment she stepped in, she let go of Li Moying’s hand as she skipped off to the armament furnace in the centre of the room.

When Li Moying felt her release her hand, he felt a little lost.

But when he saw her face lit up with excitement, he shook his head helplessly and followed closely behind.

“What are you looking at?”

Huang Yueli had bent over overenthusiastically, she almost sprawled onto the furnace as she looked left, right, up and down, her little face all scrunched up, seemingly searching hard for something.

Li Moying couldn’t help but laugh, with his curiosity piqued, he walked closer to see what his Little Fox was up to again.

Huang Yueli was extremely focused and she didn’t seem to hear the man by her side as she started to talk to herself.

“This is…but it shouldn’t be…but no matter what, three thousand years have passed…it can’t be, but then again it could be possible? …hmmm…but looking at these traces, it looks like…”

“What does it look like?”


Huang Yueli got a shock from the face that suddenly appeared before her and subconsciously waved her right hand that was covered in soot, leaving a few black handprints on Li Moying’s face.

Li Moying froze on the spot.

Huang Yueli let out a ‘pfft’ before she burst out in laughter.

This man had always been cold and aloof, however now that his face had been besmirched by her with all the black smudges on his face, he now looked like a cat. Mmm Hmm, a very proud and aloof cat.

It was simply too hilarious!

When Li Moying saw that she was laughing with so much delight, he knew that his face should have messed up quite a bit by her.

He pursed his lips and with one tug, he pulled her over.

“What do you want to do? Let go of me!” Huang Yueli started to struggle.

“You dare to smear soot on my face?” Li Moying revealed his white teeth with a cheeky grin, “I want to take revenge!”

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“Ah! What do you want to do? Go away, go away!”

After a long while, Huang Yueli covered her face while she glared at the man between her fingers.

Never would she have thought that Li Moying could be so childish to such an extent!

Didn’t she just smear some soot on his face? Of course…she did laugh then…but..that really was too funny a sight so she couldn’t resist and laugh out loud. How could she be blamed?

Of course she couldn’t be, right?

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Chapter 389