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“Before I left, I had obviously told you to be good and wait for me to come back. In the end, you’ve let yourself come to be in such a precarious situation. Tell me…how should I punish you?”

Li Moying spoke in a low, magnetic voice in a tone that was filled with threat.

However, Huang Yueli did not seem to notice the danger at all. She was already confused and lost because he was so close.


Looking at her entranced and seemingly lost, a glint flashed by his eyes.

The next moment, he pressed his lips upon hers and started to plunder deeper and deeper.

A scorching deep kiss…was as if it could burn everything into ashes and it rendered the maiden in his arms not the slightest resistance.

Huang Yueli who was leaning in his arms felt her consciousness blur.

She knew that she should push him away, because her heart belongs to another. She should not allow any other man to be so close to her but she just couldn’t resist it!

The man tasted her sweetness until her delicate lips were swollen from being kissed before he unwillingly let her go gently. However, his arm was still wrapped tightly around her waist.

Until he felt the warm body in his hands did he finally feel that this was all real.

His Little Fox…was now out of danger and safe in his arms.

“You…how can you kiss me?!” Huang Yueli finally came to her senses and asked him angrily with a red face.

Li Moying raised his brows, “Why can’t I? You are mine…your kiss, of course it also belongs to me!”

“I am not…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by him

“I advise you to think twice before you speak because my mood now isn’t all too good. If you say something that I am not happy with, I may get even more upset and I will kiss you even more to vent my anger!”

Huang Yueli eyes widened and wanted to scold “shameless!”, however she did not utter a thing.

Based on past experience, Li Moying was a man who was true to his words. As long as he says it, he would do it!

His threat…was naturally effective…

Li Moying saw her flustered face but yet she did not say anything. That pair of sparkly bright eyes filled with grievance that were left unsaid, made it hard for him to endure.

His heart softened immediately, however, his tone was still stern.

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“What would you like me to say? I know that you are smart and ingenious…But! No matter what you are still a cultivator of the first realm! Remember this well! Why do you want to act like a hero? Did anyone ask you to go save Murong Ni? Did anyone ask you to lay an array? Thank heavens I had put a spirit imprint on your body…or else… it would be a dead body that I’m talking to!”

His harsh words made Huang Yueli unhappy.

“Hey! What are you talking to me like that? It’s not as if I wanted all that! How would I know that Murong Ni would antagonize the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats? She can lose her life but what about Big Brother Mo Yi and the rest who had been dragged into her mess? Don’t tell me that I should also not care about them? What’s more, the reason why I laid an array was because I had it all planned out carefully! It was the perfect plan! Well, it would have been…. if not for Murong Ni…. If not for her, such a laughable accident wouldn’t happen at all!”

“Murong Ni? Why did you mention her? Didn’t you accidentally fall off the cliff yourself?”

When Li Moying heard her words, he was stunned for a moment. He found it strange and quickly asked.

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Chapter 387