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Truth be told, even as his subordinates, they were sincerely happy for him.

With such a bright, beautiful and adorable future Mistress, everyone was very optimistic.

However, she was just like a fleeting cloud, she had only appeared by Li Moying’s side for less than a month and just because they had not protected her properly, she had left this mortal world….

Mo Yi thought back to the moment when Li Moying had parted ways with them. How happy and excited he was to personally get the Magical Beast Core for his beloved woman just to win her favor.

When he came back with the Magical Beast Core and found that his precious woman was no longer around….

It was really hard to imagine what kind of blow this would bring to him….

Perhaps he would return back to his former self where he did not trust others and become cold again.

The few of them deepened their gaze.

Only Murong Ni had shrunk into one corner, deep in thought as she bit on her lips.

The Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats started to increase in numbers and the five of them were pushed further and further back, closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. With one glance, just ten steps more and they would fall into the abyss and their bodies smashed without any remains.

Luo Jiyun laughed bitterly, “It looks like I am destined to die here today. It is my greatest pleasure to be able to fight together with a few big brothers for so long! It’s only…not being able to safely send Junior Sister back to the sect…”

Before he could finish saying his last words, there was a thunderous explosion in front of him.

Following that, the entire sky suddenly lit up in a dazzling gold light and a flash of lightning tore through the night sky and shot straight into the cave.

Those Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats that were in the path of it screeched and were split into two halves by this lightning.

Another two flashes of lightning fell and bodies of the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats just fell to the ground in succession.

Luo Jiyun and the rest kept slashing continuously to avoid being covered by these Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats that were raining down on them.

In the midst of this chaos, on Murong Ni’s face was surprise and elation as she shouted out loud, ” It’s Senior Brother! It must be Senior Brother who has come to save us!”

The others had similarly recognized Li Moying’s signature move and their hearts leapt with joy. With this new spark of hope, this reignited their zeal and they no longer felt tired and straightened their backs as they continued their slaughter.

A short moment later, Li Moying’s figure was seen as he leisurely walked over.

Since he had just executed such a domineering profound skill, the remnant profound qi was still present in his body and this had caused a large sphere of domain to surround him as this pressure was oppressive and suffocating.

Even Mo Yi and the rest could not withstand such pressure and oppression that they subconsciously retreated a few steps back.

The sword in his hands was enveloped in a dazzling blue light, as the violent thunder attribute was all converged in it as more thunderbolts were sent out in succession to continue the barrage on the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats.

The clothes he was wearing were speckless, looking every bit the same like usual, clean and neat. His handsome countenance was calm and collected, only that pair of eyes was sharp!

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Li Moying stretched his hand out and pointed at several bs that were attacking Luo Jiyun and immediately after, they all crashed heavily onto the ground.

The last few Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats were also cleaned up by the few guards and very soon, not a single Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat remained.

The moment they knew that they were safe, they fell to the ground in exhaustion.

Have narrowly escaped from death’s door, they were ecstatic and felt truly thankful to still be live.

Their hearts were pounding wildly in joy when they suddenly heard Li Moying ask, “Where’s Little Li’er?”

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Chapter 376