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The four of them felt so drained and exhausted that they even found it hard to catch their breaths. Both legs were heavy like lead and their arms weren’t much better off.

For the battle that just happened before, during that span of an hour, Mo San’s stamina could not keep up and was bitten by one Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat and he was even dragged up into the air. If it weren’t for Mo Yi’s timely save, he would already be a shrivelled up corpse by now.

Not to mention, due to the the number of these Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat that have gathered in here, the entire cave reeked of a rancid stench and it became unbearable to even breathe.

That was why, no one wanted to continue to battle with these damned bats any longer. The moment time was up, they could not wait and hurried over to meet up.

The moment they reached their destination, the four men rushed forward and immediately fell to the ground without any regards or demeanor.

“Oh…damn it…I’m..I’m so tired!!! I’ve never battled continuously for so long before…..killed…so many of them…..”

“Little brother, this means that your stamina is still insufficient!”

“It’s because I’ve spent most of my time in the sect, there’s no way I can compare to Big Brother Mo Yi.”

“I see that you are a good little seedling but you just lack real battle experience. How is it? Any interest in joining our Shadow Qilin Guards? This brother here promise to train you well!”

Luo Jiyun had not replied when he saw Mo Yi’s expression change and suddenly cried out loud, “Get down now!”

Luo Jiyun had yet to understand what was happening but he immediately followed Mo Yi’s instructions.

As he got down onto the floor, he saw Mo Yi unsheathe the long sword by his waist and leapt into the air and made a dazzling arc with the sword in hand.

When his blade fell, fresh blood spilled on the ground.

“Wh…what’s happening?” Luo Jiyun asked dumbfoundedly.

“Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats, the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats! They have caught up with us! Hurry, get ready to battle! This is not as narrow as the entrance! Quick! We’ve gotta stop them before more and more of them…”

“Ah? Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats?”

Luo Jiyun was stumped for a moment.

“But…didn’t Sister-in-law and Junior Sister already lay an array before? Why are there still Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats?”

“The array did not work!” Mo Er shouted out, “No, that’s not right…The array has not been activated at all! What happened? Is there a problem with Third Miss’ array?”

Mo Yi gritted his teeth and danced around with his long sword and pushed back the first wave of Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats that had charged towards them.

“Stop talking nonsense and kill off these Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats first!

The few of them each brandished their own weapons and continued to battle.

However, their limits had been pushed time and time again and yet, and their battle ability had dropped down to only a third!

Moreover, they no longer had the advantage of the narrow crevice and the number of Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats kept increasing. Very soon, there were more than ten Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats that attacked them in one wave!

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What’s worse was that they were now very close to the edge of the cliff and they didn’t have much space to battle this sudden change in situation. If they made one wrong move, they would fall down into that deep abyss. They had nowhere else to go. It was the worst case scenario where they had pushed themselves into a death corner!

The more they fought, the more helpless and drained they felt. They could even see their end as a shrivelled dried up corpse.

“Why have things turned out this way! How could this happen? Where’s Sister-in-law and Junior Sister? Why didn’t the array work?” Luo Jiyun lamented as he lost his last shred of hope.

Of course Huang Yueli could not reply him.

As they battled and retreated back, they saw Murong Ni sitting on a boulder, still as a rock.

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Chapter 374