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The key was that the magical beast must be the one who takes the initiative to accept its master.

But alas, all the magical beasts of higher tiers were all creatures with the means to be arrogant!

For those magical beast that roamed the lands were still quite attainable. As long as there is the strength to kill the adult magical beast, stealing the young was an easy feat. However, those magical beast that roamed the sky such as the wwv, were almost impossible to obtain.

How many people could fly in such an environment such as this steep cliff to search for their nests? On top of that, they still had to evade the mmv that roamed the sky and steal their eggs?

For the lowest levelled cultivator like Huang Yueli, this was hitting the jackpot. She was simply bursting with good luck!

Feeling contented, Huang Yueli turned around and looked at Little Wang Cai.

That little round ball seemed to have recovered a bit but he looked listless and wasn’t moving at all.

Huang Yueli walked over in concern and scooped him up in her hands.

“Little stinky kid, are you alright?”

Wang Cai opened his eyes and glared at her but didn’t move again.

Huang Yueli quickly took out a bowl of Spirit Saint Spring Water and carefully placed him in it.

As he soaked in it, he also drank from it and he finally regained a bit of vitality.

“So tell me, how did you manage to deal with that little vulture?” Huang Yueli asked curiously.

“Haha! Whenever this Little Lord does something, what’s there not to be accomplished?” Little Phoenix’s voice was feeble but tone was filled with arrogance.

“Didn’t I say it earlier? I am a strong, majestic, beautiful phoenix that everybody loves…..a divine awe-inspiring Phoenix! Do you know? A Phoenix! The Phoenix is the king of all birds! All flying magical beasts, no matter fat or thin, strength or whatever, as long as it can fly, I can deal with them!”

Little Phoenix spoke in a complacent manner.

“Ooooohhh…” Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Then…now should be the time for you to shine…”

She then raised her head and looked afar, her expression sombre.

“What?” Little Phoenix was stunned for a moment and raised his small head.

With a glance, his voice changed, “V…V…vvv….!”


Huang Yueli helped him complete the word out of goodwill.

“Little vulture’s daddy and mummy areback. Now it’s time for you to use your supreme power of the king and deal with these two big ones as well. This way, we can ride on them and go back to the top of the cliff!”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough….”

Little Phoenix’s head had sunken into the ‘bathtub’ and he started sputtering and choking.

“…cough cough…. As I was saying, towards those young ones who had just hatched are an easy task for me…. However…this..erm…those that are…umm…bigger a bit….when this Little Lord has eaten enough, slept enough and have drank enough to recover all my strength then…they could be dealt with at that time!” He immediately changed his words.

Huang Yueli was speechless.

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This stinky brat, only knew how to talk big about himself, could he not inflate his ego so much for once? Would he die from that? She was almost cheated by him again!

After all this talk, he could only control little birds….

But when she thought about it, if he was really as fantastic as he had said himself to be, then he could have dealt with those Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats earlier and they wouldn’t have needed to escape.

Little Phoenix seemed guilty and he awkwardly shrank his neck back and with a swoosh, he took the rare initiative and returned into the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Huang Yueli could not act like an ostrich and just bury her head to hide away. She could only helplessly watch as two humongous White Winged Golden Crested Vultures fly towards the bird’s nest. The oppressive pressure that seventh tiered magical beast had was immense and even though they were still a few hundred metres away, the air was stifling and it was hard to breathe.

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Chapter 372