Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 36

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It was only then Huang Yue Li turned her attention to him.

“What? Old man, you don’t believe it?”

Master Yan almost fell down in anger!

When meeting him, who didn’t respectfully call out a ‘Grandmaster Yan’. The Emperor himself was no exception. This brat dared to call him ‘old man’.

“You, you, you… are simply out of control. You dare to disrespect an esteemed Armament Master!”

Huang Yue Li laughed with great amusement.

“I am sorry old man, but I really can’t see any aspect that I can respect. You say that it is impossible for me to possess an entire cartful of armaments. Is it not because you have never seen so many Third Tier Armaments before? Your experience scope is this low and you have the nerve to call yourself a ‘respected’ Armament Master? You are merely an Jiang Hu swindler who makes a few low Tier armaments to earn money!”


Enraged, Master Yan could not breathe properly as he slapped the table hard.

“You dare to insult this senior like so, truly too audacious! Good. Let’s just say that you indeed have a cartful, but only a Seventh Rank Armament Master has the ability to create a complete set of armor. This type of knowledge, you did you not go ask around before creating these lies? Blurting your mouth just like this?”

Only high ranked masters could use and integrate different materials to form the different components of a Profound Armor into a complete set. Once the set was finished and put together, it would be able to boost the overall defensive power of the armor itself. It could even have an additional skill. Third Tier Armor…..this was something unprecedented.

Chuckling, Huang Yue Li said: “You are certain?”

“This one is absolutely certain!”

“Then if I were to really take out a complete set of Third Tier Profound Armor, then what will you do?”

“Humph, such a fantasy story! If you really are able to take one out, then this senior will kneel down and pay you my respects as my master!”

Sneering, she replied: “Make me your master? Forget about it! You are this old but only a Third Rank Master. Your aptitudes are too low. I will not take someone with such a low aptitude as a disciple! If I were to win, then the regardless of my requests, the Armament Guild will provided me with all the necessary materials I need for refining!”

Master Yan was in disbelief. He did not think there would be any who would look down on a Third Rank Armament Master. This was too strange.

“Good, good! This senior wants to see what abilities you have. If you are able to take out all the items listed within this list, then you will become the Armament Guild’s VIP, able to use whatever resources available! If you are unable to do so…….your defamation of this senior, is the defamation of the entire Guild! Even having a hundred lives would not be enough!”

“One word and it’s settled!”

Huang Yue Li’s smile was like a cat who had just stolen a fish.

The reason behind her words was because was unable to bear the arrogant manner of speaking that old man had. And two, she deliberately wanted to anger him.

She didn’t think that she would easily stir up his temper, making him take the bait!

Thousand Treasure Pavilion really was a good place. Yesterday, someone was here to give her money and today someone was here to deliver her materials.

Really is a hotspot of good Feng Shui.

At this time, not even a crow or peacock could make a sound in Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

No one dared to believe their eyes. There was someone who was daring enough to talk to Grandmaster Yan in such manner.

Did he eat a bear’s heart and a leopard’s courage?

Did he not think of the possible consequences from offending the Armament Guild?

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Turning her head, Huang Yue Li addressed Shopkeeper Sun: “Shopkeeper Sun, to prevent against this old man from denying his debt, I would ask of you to be the witness!”

“Ah? Wit….witness?”

Open mouthed and tongue-tied, a drop of cold sweat ran down Shopkeeper Sun’s head.

“How would this senior deny a debt! Let’s go, this senior truly wants to see what tricks you can play!”

With a great flourish of his sleeves, Grandmaster Yan walked outside.

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Chapter 36