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Mo Yi was even more surprised than her, “What? You mean you don’t know?”

“Oh? What is it??” Huang Yueli eyes widened in curiosity.

Mo Yi’s face was filled with regret as he waved his hands, “Since Master did not mention it to you then…that…ahem..take it as I haven’t said anything!”

“Hey! How could you be like this! Quick! Say everything clearly!” Huang Yueli pestered on.

However, Mo Yi felt that he had spoken out of place, shook his head vehemently and no longer dared to continue on this conversation.

Huang Yueli tried to pry more information out of his mouth for some time but Mo Yi’s mouth seemed to have been securely latched on with a lock and wouldn’t spill anything.

In the end, Huang Yueli could only glare at him hatefully. “Big Brother Mo Yi, you are too much! What I hate most are those people who talk halfway! I’m going to curse you, next time when you eat an apple, you would eat up half a worm as well!”

Mo Yi could only smile bitterly as he watched his future Mistress walking away with a chest full of anger.

When she heard Mo Yi’s words, Huang Yueli started to worry.

Although he had not said things clearly, however she could understand that Li Moying had an urgent matter to take care of and there was also a time limit for it.

Or else, how do you explain Mo Yi’s worry? He was one of the most trustworthy and reliable subordinate of Li Moying and to have him show such an expression showed that things were grave.

Now…would Li Moying make it in time…?

Of those seven days, five had already passed.

Although the six of them had taken slightly over five days, but they had taken the safer path, unlike Li Moying who had ventured straight into the lairs of the Six Tier Magical Beasts all alone.

If things were going smoothly, five days was more than enough for him to hunt and catch up with them.

However, there was still no sign of him.

The early next morning, they had all risen early and headed towards the vein.

As they could already see the facade of the vein, everyone sped up and by noon, they had already reached the foot of the mountain.

Luo Jiyun looked up upon the majestic mountain and exclaimed, “Wow! This Spirit Jade Vein doesn’t look very small, if we dig it all out, we can make a small fortune!”

“Keep on wishing!” Huang Yueli retorted back, “It takes at least several hundred years to mine such a large vein and to do that, you need to utilise a large number of people. This is the inner region of the Dark Moon forest, in such an area, tell me where can you find so many people to mine? Besides, don’t just look on the appearance, it may seem large but in fact, nine out of ten are low grade spirit stones and only a small portion are the valuable spirit jades, so it’s not worth it.”

Spirit stones were stones which contained heaven and earth profound qi. Not only could they be used for cultivation, it was also the most commonly used currency among cultivators.

Ordinary people and those with low cultivation levels liked to use gold and silver for trade but for cultivators, a third grade armament may cost nine hundred thousand taels of gold. What’s more a fourth or fifth grade armament? How much would those cost then?

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If they were to trade based on gold, the whole demand and supply would lose its equilibrium. Not only that, there might not even have enough gold in the entire continent to make the numbers!

That was why, for trades that were priced so exorbitantly, there were other currency substitutes and spirit stones were one of them.

Low grade spirit stones were equivalent to ten taels of gold, while medium grade spirit stones were worth a hundred taels of gold and high grade spirit stones were worth a thousand taels of gold.

On the other hand, spirit jade contained thousands more times the amount of heaven and earth profound qi, naturally, its worth was also much higher. One piece of spirit jade was worth a thousand high grade spirit stones.

Of course, to an ordinary person, low grade spirit stones were already worth a lot of money hence if a huge mine of low grade spirit tones if exchanged for gold was also worth tens of millions!

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Chapter 357