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“To hunt down a Sixth Tier Magical Beast, we must continue to advance towards the east and delve deeper into the forest where the boundary that separates the inner zone and the restricted zone.” Mo Yi pointed it out on the map to everyone as he explained.

Luo Jiyun’s face reflected a moment’s hesitation.

“If we head there, it’s very close to the restricted area…moreover, the gathering area of Sixth Tier Magical Beast…. Is a very dangerous place for us….”

Among them, other than Li Moying and Murong Ni, the rest of their cultivation levels were in the fifth realm. Although they could be considered the best in the same ranks, however, they were barely comparable to the cultivators of the sixth realm.

In the gathering area of the Fifth Tier Magical Beast, they were still not so nervous.

Afterall, with their own strength, they could still defeat Fifth Tier Magical Beast with extra effort.

In addition, they still had Li Moying who was a peerless expert in their ranks. Hence, the risk level had significantly dropped.

But it was a different story altogether for the gathering area of Sixth Tier Magical Beast.

However, with them facing a Sixth Tier Magical Beast, they might not even have be able to match a swipe of the paw and may already be in grave danger. They might even perish before they could hold on and wait for Li Moying’s support.

Li Moying deliberated for a while before he said, “I still need to head in but the rest of you don’t need to follow. Just continue to bring Little Li’er along this path and head towards the east, past the gathering area of the Sixth Tier Magical Beast and wait for me directly at the Profound Lunar Jade vein.”

“Ah? Master, you intend to head in alone?!”

“How could this be? What if something happens?”

“That’s right Senior Brother, what if anything happens, how do you expect me to explain it to Master!” Luo Jiyun lamented with a pitiful face.

Li Moying furrowed his brows and in a disapproving tone, he said “Jiyun, do you think that your Senior Brother is that useless? While you were still in the arms of your mother, I was already out on my own gaining experience. I’ve been to Dark Moon Forest restricted zone quite a number of times, so there’s no need for you all to worry unnecessarily about me.”

Seeing his subordinates who still had on worrisome expressions mixed with disapproval, he continued on: “Truth be told, I’m much safer without having to protect you guys.”

Their face crumbled but they knew that he was telling the truth and no one could refute that.

Even Huang Yueli who usually liked to go against him remained silent at this time.

She knew that what he said was right, for him to go in alone to stealthily hunt down a Sixth Tier Magical Beast wasn’t that hard a mission. However, if he were to bring them along, what’s more there was the biggest hindrance, her cultivation of the first realm, without a doubt, it would drag everyone into danger.

At this moment, Huang Yueli really hated the fact that her cultivation was so low.

If only…If only her cultivation was similar to Li Moying, she wouldn’t need him to brave the dangers alone and she could accompany him….

The her now was ridden with uneasiness and remorse.

When Li Moying saw that his subordinates didn’t say anything further, he continued, “Since that’s been agreed on, let’s part our ways here. I will meet you in seven days. Mo Yi, take good care of Third Miss.”

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He turned and his warm gaze rested on Huang Yueli’s pretty face.

“Be good, follow Mo Yi and the rest, be more careful, don’t make me worry.”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes, “I’ll definitely be fine, it’s you who needs to be more careful! Don’t make everyone worry! Oh yeah!”

While she was talking, she took out a few hidden weapons from the Sky Phoenix Ring. These were all specially prepared for this trip to Dark Moon Forest, each of them were either fourth level higher or fifth grade armaments as she stuffed them into his hands!

“Take these along with you, who knows, you might have a use for them.”

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Chapter 354