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Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San had always been listening to the commands of Li Moying. Even Murong Ni’s sister, Murong Fei, a proud daughter of the heavens was no exception!

But now?

They did not hesitate and listened attentively to Huang Yueli’s commands and were even sent to do menial tasks such as cutting the wolf’s fur!

How could this be? How did she buy the hearts of these people?

Murong Ni stared hatefully at Huang Yueli.

Although her heart was filled with frustration and jealousy but she knew that this time, she had stirred up quite a bit of trouble and since Huang Yueli had proven her abilities, her position in the heart of the team was elevated.

Therefore if she was to stand fully opposed to Huang Yueli, no one would stand on her side.

Murong Ni had to force herself to swallow this grudge first.

Anyway, they still had to stay in the Dark Moon Forest for a while more, so there were still opportunities waiting for a chance to strike back!

The team of seven packed up and continued deeper into the forest.

On the third day, they had finally entered the inner regions.

Fifth Tier or higher Magical Beasts roamed these lands and generally, cultivators Fifth Degree Realm cultivators did not dare enter.

Even Sixth Degree Realm cultivators do not dare enter alone, they would usually need to form a mercenary team of at least twenty people before they dared to enter the inner zone.


When the seven of them approached a fork on the road, Li Moying stopped them.

Mo Yi who held onto the map and was leading the front stopped immediately, turned around and asked: “Master, what is your order?”

“Go this way.” Li Moying pointed to one of the roads.

Mo Yi was stunned for a moment and immediately replied, “But… Master, the map states that if we take the left path and with just a days walk, we would reach the Spirit Jade Vein. If we were to take the other path, not only is it a long detour, it would also trespass a few gathering areas of the Magical Beasts…”

Li Moying replied, “I am preparing to head to the gathering areas of the Magical Beasts. This time, in addition to looking for the Profound Lunar Jade, there’s another purpose, I need to collect some Magical Beast Cores of Fifth Tier and Sixth Tier Magical Beasts with fire attributes.

Huang Yueli was stunned and immediately looked up.

She understood the moment she heard it.

For no rhyme or reason, why would he want the Magical Beast Core of these specific Magical Beasts? These were obviously for her! They were in the list that she had provided a few days back!

Li Moying noticed that she was looking at him and smiled at her.

“Don’t be too touched, I’m planning to go get them myself, this way, I can more money….. Or else I might go broke by supporting your spending habits!”

“You!” Huang Yueli glared at him.

Although he had put it across in such a joking manner, she knew deep in her heart that Li Moying did not care a single bit about spending money. Money was nothing to him.

He was in such a haste to get them because she had told him before that she needed the Magical Beast Cores urgently. He must have felt that in order to collect all these which were limited and rare, he could only attain them from auctions and this would take time and this in turn might delay her matters.

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This man…. He was simply too good to her that she really had nothing to complain about.

To even render her clueless on what she should do to reciprocate his deep feelings….

When Li Moying had mentioned this matter, the others immediately understood that…these Magical Beast Cores were all for Huang Yueli!

Luo Jiyun and the other guards zipped their mouths and did not disagree any further.

Therefore, from the moment they turned and took the right path, everyone knew how much Li Moying had pampered this fiancee of his.

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Chapter 350