Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 349

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Mo Yi and the others nodded, showing great enthusiasm and assured her that they would definitely carefully remove the spine of the Iron Claw Silver Wolves in accordance with her requirements.

Huang Yueli nodded in approval but turned her head to look back at the other side and lamented, “I must say, Junior Brother Luo, your skills in the blade are too simply too crude! Look here! Cutting it into half? Tell me, can the fur still be used? Hmm? You’ve gotta learn more from your Senior Brother, just leaving a small hole, this way, we can use the entire fur! The fur of the Silver Wolves are not only warm, it’s luxurious and beautiful!”

Luo Jiyun was very embarrassed and he could only stare at the sky.

“Sister-in-law, your demands are also too high! At that moment I had almost lost my life! How could I care if the fur was left in one piece or not? If you want the fur of the silver wolves, ask Senior Brother to get them for you, you’ll be able to get as much as you want, please spare me!”

“Tch, you simply have no vision!” Huang Yueli expressed her contempt.

Li Moying was standing at the side with a faint smile on, looking at how his little fox was instructing Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San on how to deal with the spoils enthusiastically, that pair of bright eyes sparkled, with her two pointed teeth….he knew her little money grubber syndrome had struck again.

She was simply too adorable!

Mo Yi and the rest and successfully retrieved all the materials including the inner core and these were all taken by Huang Yueli without scruples.

At first, Mo Yi was still hesitant and looked at Li Moying with an enquiring gaze.

Li Moying just replied, “Little Li’er loves to collect materials the most, give it all to her! She is afterall an outstanding Armament Master!”

Huang Yueli hooked her lips up happily in satisfaction as she kept the materials away.

It could be said that Li Moying was very familiar with her by now and knew that if she was praised on other things, she wouldn’t have much feelings but if she was praised for her skills as an Armament Master, his little fox would be extremely happy.

It was the same for gifting her presents, his little fox loved armament materials the most, as long as it was gifted to her, she would usually not reject it.

At this time, only one figure was hiding at one corner watching the entire scene unfold, eyes filled with deep jealousy and resentment.

She had completely lost her face this time round! It was totally trampled to the ground!

She was supposed to be the Second Ranked Array Master, however the Beast Diversion Array she laid out had actually failed. Instead, that country bumpkin from that forsakened backwater kingdom had laid out an exceptional array!

Murong Ni still couldn’t figure out, where had it gone wrong?

Was the fox demoness really an Array Master? However, she clearly did not have any accreditation!

Moreover, not only did her own array not work, it backfired and attracted a whole pack of Iron Claw Silver Wolves that had almost forfeited their own lives!

Thinking back on how panicked she was and how desperate she was crying out for help outside the other array in helplessness, she really couldn’t wait to find a hole and hide in it!

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She had been completely trampled on by Huang Yueli!

Murong Ni had always been spoilt and arrogant, it never even crossed her mind that it all all due to her own complacency that this had occurred. With not enough skills, yet she had wanted to act smart and it almost resulted in a tragedy.

She only blamed the result of this shame was all on Huang Yueli!

She kept thinking that if this fox demoness had not suddenly appeared out of nowhere and seduced her Senior Brother and used what other means to confuse Fifth Brother and the three Mo brothers, how could she end up in such a miserable state?

The more she thought about it, the more she was unreconciled she was. When she saw everyone crowd around Huang Yueli, she was filled with resentment and had nowhere to vent that she had almost suffered an internal injury.

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Chapter 349