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Luo Jiyun’s eyes widened and he was lagging in reaction as he stood there frozen in place.

A tall figure slowly walked over from the darkness and he was surrounded by the fluctuations of profound qi as the atmosphere had turned stifling and repressive.

Luo Jiyun finally let out long sigh of relief.

It was Senior Brother!

Li Moying stood in front of him as there was a hint of laughter in his eyes.

“Not bad! Based on your cultivation, under the attack of six Iron Claw Silver Wolves, not only did you manage to hold on for so long, you even managed to slay two and heavily injure one, all while protecting your Junior Sister. Not bad at all!”

Li Moying seldom praised his fellow disciples so when Luo Jiyun heard it, he felt exhilarated.

He scratched his head shyly and laughed out “Heh heh”.

Li Moying asked: “Are you able to stand?”

“Um…This…doesn’t seem…possible…” Luo Jiyun had a long and deep laceration across his leg.

Mo Yi and Mo Er rushed over and supported him as they brought him over to their tent.

Huang Yueli took out a huge stash of pills and stuffed it into his hands. “Eat them all up! We’ve still got a long way to cover tomorrow, don’t delay the business of your Senior Brother!”

Luo Jiyun looked down and his eyes almost popped out.

“Spirit Vitality Pill, Qi Vitality Pill, Unfettered Pill… These were all Second Level Upper Grade pills! Just any one of these pills were worth tens of thousands of gold! This stash here cost at least forty to fifty thousand gold!

Although he belonged to a large sect, however, the resources he received were all limited and they would receive a fixed number of pills every month and they wouldn’t give anyone such a large amount to just eat it so casually!

Moreover, if comparing to their origins, wasn’t sister-in-law from South Yue Kingdom and he heard that she’s never seen the world? How did she manage to take out such a huge stash of precious pills? She was simply a nouveau riche!

Thinking back on her array, it was way more effective than what Murong Ni laid out.

The gaze he looked at her was filled with mixed emotions. Other than shock, there was also a hint of worship.

Huang Yueli simply smiled and did not explain any further.

These pills were all from the Sky Phoenix Ring and there was a huge cabinet full of them. If she were to eat them alone, even if she ate them like jelly beans everyday, she wouldn’t be able to finish them all.

Moreover, the next time the Sky Phoenix Ring undergoes another upgrade, there was sure to be higher ranked pills.

That was why, wasn’t it better to take it out to get some goodwill and she also quite liked this kid as well.

Luo Jiyun was touched as he called out, ‘Thank you so much sister-in-law!”

The wounds he received were all superficial wounds and with these pills, he would have almost fully recovered by tomorrow!

Huang Yueli nodded her head in approval, but when her eyes swept by the surroundings, she suddenly cried out.

“Ah! Wait! Wait! These wolf bones shouldn’t be kept like this! Ahhhh! Such a waste! A huge waste!”

In a matter of moments, she did not continue talking to Luo Jiyun and dashed over.

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After so many events happening one after another, time passed very quickly and very soon, it was almost day break.

Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San were busy dealing with the remains of the Iron Claw Silver Wolves.

Magical Beasts were extremely sturdy and their entire being was a treasure trove of high quality materials. For example, for the Iron Claw Silver Wolves, other than their inner core, their fur, claws, bones were all precious materials that were extremely sought after by Armament Masters as well as Alchemists.

They were all experienced veterans in dealing with the remains of Magical Beasts however, today, they had finally met a professional in this field.

“Why did you pierce the knife directly from the back? This way, the bones can’t be taken out completely! Ahhh! It could have been used to make the bow of a strong bow. Now that it’s been broken, you can only make smaller accessories. The value is tens of times lower, do you understand?”

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Chapter 348