Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 346

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Li Moying lowered his head and saw a bright pair of eyes staring right back at him in curiosity. He suddenly felt that she was extremely adorable and he couldn’t resist but reached out and pinched her cheeks.

“….Hey! What are you doing?!”

Huang Yueli’s expression turned grim immediately and glared fiercely at him.

Li Moying could only retract his hand bitterly.

“The feeling’s not bad, I wonder if I took a bite instead, how would it feel?”

This man actually thought of biting her?!!!

Huang Yueli’s face had almost turned green and she immediately turned her palm and struck towards his chest!

Li Moying laughed and caught her hand and pulled it towards him, making her sit next to him.

“Stop fooling around! What kind of timing is this? If you continue to do this, your Junior Brother ….and that precious Junior Sister of yours would lose their lives!”

Huang Yueli tried to pull her hand back but she couldn’t pull it out of his grasp. She could only sit beside him in exasperation and watch the fun.

However, she was still one that possessed an conscience so she did remind Li Moying to save people… just that her tone was tinged with sourness.

Li Moying could also hear that undertone in and and his heart soared.

It looks like allowing Murong Ni to follow was the right choice!

Only a day had passed and this little fox was already eating vinegar, her tone was filled with sourness, it would not be wrong to say that she held no feelings for him! No one would believe that!

He followed her line of sight and looked out, “Don’t worry, first let that kid Jiyun hold the fort on his own for a bit and see if he’s able to push himself to the next level.”

“Hmm?” Huang Yueli blinked, “Couldn’t tell that you believe in such iron hearted methods for training!”

Some big sects adhered strictly to these iron hearted principles where their disciples were forced to fight and face dangers constantly. Only those who were victorious could enjoy various resources and privileges provided by the sect. Those that lost would eventually end up as a corpse.

Such a layer of screening seemed very cruel but the selected core disciples were all individuals with exceeding fighting prowess.

However, it had never crossed her mind that Li Moying had belonged to such a sect.

He seems like the type that was cold on the outside but warm on the inside and as a Senior Brother, he looked like he was quite protective of his fellow disciples.

Li Moying let out a low laugh, “It’s not exactly like that, it also depends on the person. Jiyun this kid…you have no idea but he’s actually an eighth grade talent!”

“Ah? He’s an eighth grade talent? You’ve gotta be kidding?”

A talent that was in the eighth grade was considered to be a super talent and adding to the fact that he’s from a big sect that provided all the best resources, with these conditions coupled together, Luo Jiyun seemed to be a fifth degree realm in the late stages but in actual fact, he was only in the second level of the fifth degree realm.

This gap…seemed to be pretty big.

Li Moying shook his head and said, “I’m not kidding, not only is he talented, he is also of the metal attribute. However, his personality… seems to conflict with it so that’s why it’s been hard for him to breakthrough.”

A look of understanding showed on her face.

Cultivators of different attributes also excelled in different aspects.

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For example, those with fire attributes excelled in group battles, those wind attributes were known for speed while those with water attributes recovered very fast.

Those with the metal attributes were known for their outstanding offensive powers and decisive lethal blows that blew way anything that stood in their way!

However, Luo Jiyun’s personality of a good sunshine youth conflicted with this. She could tell by seeing how he was always suppressed by Murong Ni.

This type of personality coupled with the gold attribute…really was a mismatch.

No wonder his cultivation proceeded so slowly, not all in in tandem with his actual talent!

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Chapter 346