Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 342

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A loud bang resounded and the earth shook violently.

Luo Jiyun felt a dizzy for a moment as the tremors knocked him off balance and he fell heavily to the ground.

It wasn’t easy for him to stand back up and when he looked out, his heart almost stopped.

The direction the Iron Claw Silver Wolves attacked was not Huang Yueli’s camp but the one where he and Murong Ni were!




One after another, the Iron Claw Silver Wolves continued their relentless assault against the barrier of the array!

Although they were currently blocked by barrier of the Beast Diversion Array, however, everytime they attacked, the outer part of the array would shine with a dazzling light, showing the entirety of the array patterns.

Luo Jiyun knew that this was the array’s self defense mechanism that was powered by the crystal’s energy.

Although it seemed safe now, the impact of six fourth tiered Magical Beasts was not small and the energy in the crystals would very soon be depleted.

At that time…. they would be standing bare before these Iron Claw Silver Wolves!

What’s worse, this moment seemed not far away because each time they attacked, the light emitted by the array weakened and at this rate they were going, he could see the lights began to dim remarkably at the speed that was visible to the naked eye!

“What happened? The tremors are so strong! It must be that Magical Beasts are attacking that fox demoness already, right? Hahaha, I’ve already said so earlier, that broken array has absolutely no use! It’s impossible to hide from any Magical Beasts with such a pathetic array! See? Now I’ve been proven right! Hahaha…hmmm?…”

When Murong Ni heard the loud noise, she had woken up at once and before she could even put on her boots, she had rushed out of the tent in glee.

She couldn’t wait to gloat and ridicule Huang Yueli.

However, when she raised her head and saw that it was her own array that had been surrounded by a pack of six Iron Claw Silver Wolves, and to her side was a pale faced Luo Jiyun, she was petrified on the immediately.


She was tongue tied.

“Stop spacing out! We’re under attack by the Iron Claw Silver Wolves, quickly, dress up and take out your nine segment whip! Get ready for battle!” Luo Jiyun couldn’t take it anymore and snapped.

Murong Ni still had yet to recover from her shock.

“Impossible! That fox demoness camp is just opposite, why did the Iron Claw Silver Wolves not attack them but us instead? This shouldn’t happen!”

“What’s so impossible?!”

Luo Jiyun was already in a bad mood and reproached her: “Obviously sister-in-law’s array is the one that’s working! That’s why those Iron Claw Silver Wolves did not discover their camp and did not attack them. They’re attacking us so viciously, which further proves that what sister-in-law said was right! Your array did not divert but lured them instead!

“No…it’s impossible! I AM the second tiered Armament Master! She is only a country bumpkin! How can her array be better than mine???”

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Murong Ni was still screaming and yelling her head off.

Luo Jiyun could no longer wait because he saw that the light on the array pattern had almost completely diminished and was afraid that the Iron Claw Silver Wolves would enter any time!

Looking at the incoherent Murong Ni in front of him, he knew that she was not reliable and he could only try his best to protect the both of them and think of ways to seek help from Senior Brother!

As long as his senior brother was here, saving them would not be any problem!

The problem at hand was…no one over at Senior Brother’s camp was keeping watch so how were they going to get their attention?

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Chapter 342