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As it got deeper into the night, very soon it was the time where the Magical Beasts were most active.

More and more Magical Beasts were seen roaming in the vicinity of the camp.

Suddenly, Luo Jiyun felt a cold chill run down his spine and he immediately sat up straight, his gaze searching for that ominous feeling eventually locked onto the trees that were not far off on the left side.

In the dark forest, a pair of predatory eyes were looking straight in the direction where the two camps were.

That pair of eyes reflected a green hue and within it, was a distinct glint ferociousness and savageness that was chilling to the bone.

Luo Jiyun had also quite a bit of experience and he had very quickly recognised that those eyes belonged to an extremely powerful Magical Beast that was well known in the Dark Moon Forest – the Iron Claw Silver Wolf!

The Iron Claw Silver Wolf was a fourth tier Magical Beast but it’s prowess was equivalent to a cultivator of the fifth realm! What’s more, the Iron Claw Silver Wolf was very powerful amongst the fourth tier Magical Beasts.

It has dual attributes of gold and wind, not only was it fast, it had claws that were extremely strong and sharp. Even with a fifth realm cultivator’s own profound qi protecting themselves, in front of such claws were akin to a tearing a flimsy piece of paper!

No one knew how many fifth realm cultivators had fallen prey to these claws!

However, these were not the main reason that people feared the Iron Claw Silver Wolf most….

Luo Jiyun saw the beautiful silver fur emerge from behind the trees and a lone wolf strode out, it emitted a menacing aura as it raised its head towards the moon and let out a long howl.

There was a rustling sound from all over as the surroundings stirred.

Another five Iron Claw Silver Wolves emerged and gathered around the camp.

Iron Claw Silver Wolves hunted in packs and usually at least four or five hunted together, in some situations, there could even be thousands of wolves that attacked together!

If they were unfortunate enough to encounter such an insane number of wolves, even a cultivator of the ninth realm would find it hard to scape such a fate!

This pack had only six wolves, which could be considered a small pack.

However, with their combined attacks, this pack was enough to annihilate such a small group of cultivators. Adding on to the fact that it was completely dark now which was favorable to the wolves but for the cultivators, it was very disadvantageous!

Seeing the Iron Claw Silver Wolves slowly closing in, Luo Jiyun’s heart was beating furiously.

These…these were fourth tiered Magical Beasts ah! Could sister-in-law’s array really work?….Was it reliable enough?

On Huang Yueli’s side of the camp, it was nearer to where the wolves were and they had very quickly reached the perimeter and was walking along it.

The leader of the pack suddenly stopped and as if it had discovered something amiss, it started sniffing the ground.

Luo Jiyun’s heartbeat accelerated.

This…it looks like there really is something wrong with sister-in-law’s array!

The Iron Claw Silver Wolves were known for their extreme senses, especially their sense of sight and smell. They got closer and closer, anytime now, they would be discovered!

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Ah! He really didn’t know what his Senior Brother was thinking! He didn’t even leave anyone to guard during the night, now there’s trouble, what’s going to happen?

He was extremely anxious and he suddenly tapped his head and decided to wake Murong Ni up and once they encounter any dangers, they would immediately deactivate their array and head over to help Senior Brother!

However, the moment he turned around, the leader of the pack had raised its head to the moon once again and howled.

Following their leader, the five other wolves followed and raised their heads to the moon and howled.

Together, the six of them suddenly started attacking!

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Chapter 341